Insulin Pump Site Swelling

Has anyone ever had swelling from using the same site over a period of time? I'm pregnant and have been saving my backside for the CGM and have been using my thighs for my insulin pump site the past couple of months. I stopped using my thighs last week, because they looked very puffy. They aren't red and don't hurt, but I remember my sister having this happen and it turning into a bad infection that put her into the hospital for a few days. I'm just wondering how long it should take for the puffiness to go away. Anyone have this happen? I stopped using my thighs last Wednesday and it doesn't seem like it's gone down at all.

Thanks for your help!

I suggest getting in to have it looked at by your doctor. Short course of antibiotics will fix it if it is infected. you don't want it getting out of hand.

I use a spot of neosporin at the spot that I push the needle through and I have not had an infection since I have been doing that.

I dont like using my thighs at all since there does not seem to be enough fat there and the canula gets obstructed easily.

I use the backs of my arms for my cgm and I use my belly and hips for my insulin.

Thanks, Timothy! I had the doctor check it out and he says it isn't infected. It just has a build up of fatty tissue from using the same spot too many times. I'll have to try the neosporin idea though!

Glad you had it looked at and it doesn't seem to be infected. I dont use my thighs either, I'd LOVE to, but for the same reasons Timothy was mentioning, those sites just never seem to work good.