Cerebral Aneurism

I haven’t really posted anything about this yet because it’s not diabetes related. But I’m wondering how all of this is going to affect my blood sugars. So far so good but the worst is yet to come.

On June 1st I went to the emergency room because I was having dizzy spells for the second time this year. With the first bout my doctor didn’t really do anything except prescibe me pills that had a warning on the label “may cause dizziness”. (I found this kinda funny). Anyway I wanted something more done than that so I went to the emergency room. They ran a CT scan on my head and found an Aneurisim. Then they ran another CT scan with die this time. Same result and they told me to get ahold of this doctor they recommended right away. So I called made an appt for a week later and then they cancelled on me. So I made another appt. which they also cancelled. After throwing a small temper tamper I made an appt. with a different doctor. Went to see him and he had me get yet another CT scan. Did that made an appt. for follow up and of course they cancelled on me. Finally got in to see him and he tells me I’ve had this aneurism all my life and told me where it was located and said it wasen’t a very big one but he wanted to send me to a specialist just in case.

So yesterday I go to this specialist who is the head of the neurology dept. at the University of Illinois Chicago. That’s when everything started to get a little scary. I have not had this my whole life, it’s recent. They don’t know what caused it. It’s bigger than they thought. In fact he calls it “sizable” and it can’t be monitored. It needs to be fixed right away. So Thursday I have to go back to downtown Chicago and have an angogram of my head done. (most folks get angiograms of the heart). what this is going to thell the doctor’s is how to fix this. If the opening at the base of the aneurism is small enough they can wind a coil through my arteries from my groin to my brain and place it inside this aneurism. If the opening at the base is too big they can’t do this procedure because it would just fall out. Then they would have to do surgery instead. Which I believe is going through the skull. Needless to say none of it sounds very fun at all. I should know by mid week next week if they are going to do the coil procedure or the surgery.

So throughout all of this my numbers have been pretty good. I even had a BS yesterday of 106 which is the lowest I’ve ever been. I told the doctor I need to keep a strict watch over my sugar throughout all this on Thursday and he told me they would be continually monitoring it. I hope he’s right. As it is I can’t take my Metformin for three days because it interacts with the die they are going to put in me which could cause Kidney damage.

Anyway that’s what I’ve been going through for the last two months. It’s on my mind all the time but I’m still not trying to let it get to me.

Hi Kathy I am so glad you did post this. I am so sorry you are going thru this I hope they will find the need to do the less evasive procedure. I am so glad your sugars are doing good. My sugars do horrible when i am under stress. 2 Months you have been suffering alone . my dear we are all diabetics , so everything is diabetis related . so know that you are not alone you can write to me anytime. you are in my prayers . God Bless

Good grief Kathy, Grrrrr at the naff Drs, yay for the good ones.
Tell them they’d better take great care of you, I says so!!
Wow course it’s gonna be on your mind all the time. Crikey!! you’re so brave I’d have fallen apart, but then I am a fusser of the highest order :oS Not my finest trait… You don’t ever need to cope alone though, like leticia said it’s all connected and we’re all here for you flower, hope that it runs smoothly, as unintrusively as possible x x x x