CGM alarm system not loud enough to wake

Hi Everyone-

I just wanted to share something that we have found very helpful for our family and the fear of low bgs overnight. Since the Dexcom alarms are barely loud enough to be audible, much less wake a sleep deprived parent, I slept through a VERY bad low the other night (CGM showed bottomed out for over an hour). I have the Dexcom placed on my sons nightstand, next to a baby monitor that is located in my room, however this wasnt enough. I vowed I would do whatever it took to ensure that it did not happen again, and created the perfect solution.

I purchased a Honeywell security system with a vibration sensor. Using existing network wiring in my home, we connected the vibration sensor in my sons room and place it on top of the Dexcom when he goes to bed. If the Dexcom vibrates/alarms, the vibration triggers the security alarm which beeps until it is deactivated. I even ordered a siren that would sound if the alarm is triggered, however I am able to wake to the beeping. If I chose to go a step farther, I could even choose to have the system monitored, so if the alarm goes off and isnt deactivated, a monitoring company can call us or 911- whatever necessary.

May be a bit elaborate, but sometimes its worth paying for peace of mind. Total cost was less that $200, and had a few unnecessary parts that could have lowered it farther.

If anyone wants further detail, inbox me…

A couple people here also bought a Sonic alarm for the deaf and a bed shaker. Apparently, the alarm is loud enough you don’t need the bed shaker part.

Here is one of the thread that was discussed - you can get that for $100