Dexcom not waking me up!

I have a problem, and I was hoping some of you might have answers or suggestions. I have the Dexcom G5 and I have it sharing to both of my parents. At night, especially recently my dexcom will go off because of a low at around 4-5 am. It’s at full volume, but it doesn’t wake me up- it wakes up my mom and she has to come and wake me up. Does anyone have this problem? I think it’s because I sleep very deeply. If you have any ideas on how to make myself wake up, please share. Thanks!

People used to put their clockwork alarm clocks in a tin basin.

vibrate and sound at the highest level, and then, as @Tim35 suggested, put it either on a plate with lots of pennies or into a cup with a spoon.
then try again, and hopefully the shattering will wake you up.
your mom as a back up is great!
hopefully you can find a way to make things work :slight_smile:

Where do you set your low alarm threshold for sleeping? One of the things hypoglycemia does to me while sleeping is to make me sleep more deeply, less able to be aroused. With the 15-minute lag from actual blood glucose to a CGM number, combined with a low alarm threshold set too low might be a part of your problem.

Are lows during the night, as shown on your CGM trace, a steep dive into hypoglycemia or do they settle slowly into the low?

I’ve experimented with putting the Dex receiver in a ceramic or glass cup on my nightstand. When it alarms It makes a sound I couldn’t imagine sleeping through.

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That’s an interesting idea- maybe I should set it higher. Right now it beeps below 65. This is my dexcom from the past 24 hours, you can see that I went low around 3am.


I had the same problem There was no way that alarm would wake me up (nor my husband). We are using nightscout now and the alarms are extremely noisy (which is useful at night).

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I have my receiver under my pillow. Not completely under it but right on the edge. I always hear and it gives me the time to grab it before it wakes my husband. It so funny how I can sleep through storms but thank goodness not my Dexcom alarms.


I may have to look into xdrip so I can use my phone with my Dexcom. I have gotten to the point where it hardly wakes me up, or I do wake up and just hit the button on it and then it is another 15 minutes before it goes off again. My phone alarm will wake me up though. Last night it was pegged at “urgent low” for about 2 hours and I just happened to wake up because I had to go to the bathroom. It was way off because I had just put a new sensor in several hours before, so there was no real emergency, but that is still worrying!

That sounds like a good plan, it will wake you up, trust me, there was no alarm that could wake me up till we found this one LOL :slight_smile: