How loud are the alarms?

Are the Dexcom alarms louder than the MiniMed CGM alarms?
My hearing (especially higher pitched sounds) has been suffering -- so I am considering switching to the Dexcom system and have a meeting scheduled with a Dexcom rep at my doctor's office in a couple of weeks.

I think they are, but I'm not sure. I think they're lower-pitched too, which may help in your case. I prefer to keep mine on vibrate, so I may not have the best answer for you. ;)

Scrundh - Welcom to the TU family...and I would like to ask a question....Is your hearing affected (like mine) by 'Diabites related Menieres syndrome"? A condition that affected my balance (got veritgo every few weeks .... I mean SEVERE VERTIGO, AND HEARING LOSS to the point of needing hearing aids...then when surfing online I found an all narural dietary supplement called "T-Bio" which has pretty much done away with ALL the menieres symptoms! Vetigo, hearing loss, Roaring in the ears, etc. My doc is amazed by the is available at at a$14 for 30 days worth (I truly have no incentive in the sales, I just REALLY BELIEVE IN THE STUFF) Check it out! And, finally, YES, I am on the Dex, andsince the T-Bio I have no problem hearing the alarms, day or night!

I have used both MM CGMS and Dexcom. I think the alarms are about the same volume, but at night, I found with MM, the pump was usually under blankets, and further from my head, so harder to hear. I relied on the vibrations more to waken me at night. With Dexcom being a separate device, I can keep it near my pillow, and hear it better than MM.

However, MM just recently released a new product you may want to check into, that is a separate device called mySentry. It is intended for parents with kids who have MM CGMS, and transmits the info/larms to a remote device, that parents could have in their room at night, while child is sleeping in another room. Check the minimed website for more details.
Here's a portion of the info.
mySentry receives and sounds the same alerts that your child gets on his or her Minimed Paradigm® REAL-Time Revel™ System so that you can take action sooner to avoid dangerous lows or highs. These include predictive alerts, which can warn you up to 30 minutes in advance of low or high events, and threshold alerts that tell you when your child's preset low or high glucose levels have been reached.

Alarms and alerts sound loudly to awaken deep sleepers, and the volume can be adjusted to your desired level. For added convenience, mySentry also features a snooze button that provides you the option of temporarily silencing alarms.

Personally, I like the Dexcom better than MM for accuracy and the sensor itself.. But if you like your MM, you may want to also check out the new device,