CGM and College


I’m currently in the market for a new pump and am thinking about possibly getting a CGM as well. But as I am going into my sophomore year in college I don’t know if I’m sure I want another thing to carry around and beep at me. I know CGM help one better monitor their diabetes but I don’t know if college is the best time to start using one.
Anybody currently on a CGM and in college? Your thoughts and opinions are greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

Hi! I’m going into my senior year of college and getting my CGM next week! I’ve only had my pump for 2 months, but since I got it, I’ve been encouraged to get the CGM, especially since I’m always on the go at school. My endo and nutritionist think it will really help keep me keep myself in check, especially on days when my eating schedule isn’t as regular as it is at home.

I wish I’d had mine in college. I’m a high school teacher currently. I know having a beeping device can feel disruptive in classes (there are mute features to some, but for an impending low, mine unmutes itself), but if it can keep a low from happening (which is disruptive to your learning AND your health), I’d prefer to have the beep and reach for the snack in my bag. Honestly, I have learned to appreciate the alarms. I can turn them down on my cgm and/or make them shorter beeps, but it’s nice to know (even in a quiet movie theater) when I need to take care of myself because I overbolused for that popcorn.

I remember how embarrassed I felt one time when my pump went crazy with a no delivery alarm. It was an upper level class taught by the department head and he had just made an announcement about cell phones and pagers. I had a discussion with him after class because I was so mortified, only to find out his sister was a type 1 and, while he’d been frustrated that I left at first, he was glad I explained the situation to him.