New CGM user - 3 yr old - Mom needs install tips

Hi! My daughter has type 1 - she is almost 4 years old- diagnosed 1/2009 - started Omnipod 11/2009 - just started CGM - the Minimed CGM (standalone - no pump) - we chose the Minimed because the sensor took up less skin area than the DexCom. We have to put it in her buttock since there is not enough room/fat in her abdomen. The problem is how much it hurts her. We used the numbing cream and tried to put in while she was sleeping - she woke up screaming. Is there anyone who is using this on a young child- I need tips! Inserting the Omnipod is a piece of cake - she just flinches and we don't use the numbing cream (can't remember the name - it is prescription - we need to leave it on for 30 minutes covered) but its needle is a lot shorter than the CGM.

Any help would be appreciated - we like it when it is working but are finding it difficult to give her so much pain. She is even in discomfort after we remove it - doesn't want us to touch the area for days.


huum we have A two yr old on it and after the first couple of times of insertion with the cream of course she is doing better with it. we use her bottom and sometimes the thigh it seems for her the thigh does not bother her as bad. It was hard for us to choose to stick her twice too she has the revel pump and uses the mios for it she does not even care when we switch those out. I wanted piece of mind knowing she was not going low over night so this is a great tool for that. Umm I put the cream on 45 mins before ohh and something else we found was to ice the area prior to insertion it enhances the numbing to A deeper level.

I chose the Navigator because it was far less painful than the Minimed. Dexcom is also less painful. I suggest looking into the Dex system once it integrates with Omnipod and trashing the harpoon that is the Minimed. Wish I had more helpful advice. I just couldn’t stomach their sensors.

Hi, Celeste, We’ve been using the Medtronic CGM with our daughter since she was 4 last year. We also use the lidocaine cream, but I found that leaving it on 45-60 minutes works better. Another thing to check is to be sure you’re using a big enough dollop of the lidocaine. I try to do the sensor change while she sleeps, usually within the first hour or two after she falls asleep because she seems to be the most peaceful then. If my husband is home, I have him rub her back if she wakes up a bit. I also have all the items I need ready for the change before I start. We use ice for the pump site changes, maybe including ice would help as someone else suggested? I put hydrocortisone cream to her sites after I remove the sensor with a band-aid help it heal quicker. I hope this helps, or that you find an easier way to do the change. I hope that Medtronic will come out with a thinner needle as I like having the integrated system with the Revel and her not having to wear 2 different devices. Feel free to be in touch!

LOL - “can’t stomach their sensors”

We were trying to get the Navigator first but they couldn’t provide it (manfacturing delay?). I heard they are coming out with a needle(Minimed) that is half as long and twice as sensitive- I hope it is soon.

My daughter swears by ice. We just take a piece of ice and put it on her skin for about 4 to 5 minutes and then insert the CGM. She says she barely feels it.