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I have been diabetic forever (since I was too small to remember being that small!). However, I only recently gave up MDIs in favor of the Omnipod. It has been good and bad, but most notably, I think I need a CGM in conjunction with the pump for lots of reasons. It would be awesome if you wouldn't mind sharing either the big benefits or big hurdles/annoyances about particular CGMs. I have to choose one and am really not sure what to get. My mom (also a Type 1) uses a Dexcom and hates it b/c the screen is too big for her to carry around, but that's the only opinion I know of!


I got the Dexcom after comparing the size of the needle that introduces the sensor. Dexcom’s was the smallest. I would have been reticent ever to use it again if it had been a hard insert. It was and continued to be easy. I swear by Dexcom and the stuff I learned got me centered at 93 finally. Go back on the CGM page, and you’ll find my list of benefits!

Go for the Dexcom CgM…I doubt that you’ll find anyone being disappointed with the ease of using it and its accuracy. And congratulations on showing more maturity than your mom in regards to what one should look for in a CgM.

I have used the MM CGM and it was very inaccurate. It was a lot of trouble to keep the sensor in and then re-charge the battery. It only really lasted 3 days and then was very inaccurate. I had a seizure and it didn;t register on the CGM. I use the MM pump so having them integrated was good…but that was all.
I switched to the Navigator and I did like it a lot…easier insertion and a lot more accurate. Unfortunately the receiver broke on me THREE times and Abbott refused to send me another one. EVEN though my insurance had paid 100% in full. I only had the use of the Navigator for one full month. I am now awaiting approval for the DexCom. The Navigator tape gave me a horrible rash on my stomach too.
So from someone who has tried two systems and about to try the third, so far I have not had much luck. It wasn’t as though I threw the Navigator around…it just stopped working one day when I was changing the batteries. The Navigator you can keep the sensor in for 6 days, and I loved the charts I could print out from the receiver. Anyone out there had bad results with the DexCom??

I am so surprised that someone hates the DexCom. For me it is the best thing since sliced bread.

I am soooo surprised , that the MM CGMS gets such an awful rating here and on other posts …just joking now : for me it is the best thing as having pasta and meat sauce tonight …oh no …the best thing is NOT having diabetes …another story , signed: Living with diabetes 27 plus years.Off for my eve walk :slight_smile:

I’m on my third MM CGM - they only officially last 9 months. Mine have been lasting 2 years each and are wonderful. The fact that the MM is a complete circuit is important to me. So, not everyone hates it, just a few very vocal people.
Big needle, though.

I just started the Dex yesterday, and was previously on the MM CGM for almost 2 years. There are 3 things that the Minimed has over the Dex - the ability to store data readings even when the transmitter and receiver are out of range, the ability to scroll through each reading for the past 24 hours and the ability to start the sensor period immediately if you insert the sensor hours before. Otherwise, the Dex has it from what I can tell. The sensor/needle is so freaking tiny that I felt almost nothing - definitely no pain or bleeding involved like the Minimed. And this things catches lows like nobody’s business - the Minimed was not good at catching much below 70-something. I apparently hovered around 65 all night (b/c I’m too lazy to actually get up and check my BS when sleepy) and it alarmed at me all freaking night b/c of this. The Minimed probably would have recorded me at 80-something all night. And the fact that I do not have to tape down some floppy transmitter makes me oh-so-happy. Also, if you get the Minimed, you have to carry another device around anyway, and the Dex/Omnipod integration has finally gone to the FDA so it should be coming sooner rather than later. And it’s not like you can actually get a Navigator right now. So as I see it, if you want a CGM, there’s really only one choice.

Great I have too used the MM for a couple of years, and had no luck with the lows…and highs…it was always inaccurate. I switched to the Navigator and the receiver broke two times - when the third time it broke they refused to give me a replacement - bearing in mind the insurance company has paid 100% for the Navigator. It only lasted a month and when it was working I did like it. It was fairly accurate. Unfortunately their replacement policy leaves much to be desired.
Now I am going to try with the DexCom - are there any other alternatives?? Its a shame to think that in this day and age there are not more choices !! I am looking forward to trying the Dex.

I started on the MM CGM yesterday (have been pumping for 2 weeks) and it had been pretty spot on - within a few points up or down of each of my meter readings. I thought the insertion was going to be awful as the needle was definitely bigger than a pump set, and looked evil, but to my surprise, it wasn’t so bad (on my stomach anyway). It is convienent because it is integrated and you don’t have to carry around another device. If you do choose the Dexcom, keep in mind that for some reason, you can not get readings or accurate readings if you use Tylenol - so if you are using Tylenol for a headache, or in a pain med, you won’t get readings while you are on it. I use Tylenol frequently as I am allergic to Motrin, and I would have not been able to go with the Dexcom for this reason.

I have been using the Dexcom for about a month now. I previously had the Navigator. The screen might be a little bigger, but the transmitter is tiny. When I put the Dexcom transmitter next to the Navigator transmitter, it looked like the picture I have of my brother’s Great Dane with my Yorkie!

The only thing that I liked better about the Navigator was the ability to set it down and move around without losing connection. You have to keep the Dexcom pretty close to you or you lose connection.

I like the alarms a lot better. The Navigator beeped every 15 minutes when your BS was out of range. That is OK for a low, but when you are high, it takes longer than 15 minutes to get back in range. On the Dex, you can set the length of time that you want your reminders in.

Like others said, the sensor is painless and tiny. The Navigator left big craters in my arm that were still there 5 days later when it was time to put another sensor in.

The sensors are easy to restart. A lot of people manage to get 14 days out of them - I haven’t made that yet, but I will keep trying!

The Navigator has been on backorder since Jan so your only real choices are Dexcom or Minimed.

I did a full Dexcom/Navigator comparison on my blog if you are interested:

Sheila, you should have been given a buyout offer from Abbott. The replacement parts for the Navigator have been on backorder since Jan. Mine died in Jan. They finally came out with a refund offer to anyone that was waiting on a replacement. Several people received the money that their Navigator was out of warranty. If you take that money, then you would have enough money to pay for the Dexcom. Dexcom has an offer for Navigator users that you can get the Dexcom plus 4 sensors for $999. Abbott will also buy back any unused sensors you have.

Funny you should post this today because I just posted on my blog about why I decided not to get a CGM. I was actually quite impressed with the Dexcom when I trialed it … my problem is more with CGMs in general, not with any particular brand.

Hopefully you will find the devices more helpful than I did.

Here is my post if you’d like to take a look:

Good luck!

Can you do this with your integrated pump+cgm ? :-P.

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