CGM Comparisons Please

If any of you have used two or more CGMs, I would appreciate a comparison of them. Please say what you are using now, why you changed and whether you are glad you changed.

Hi Bill-
I have used both the Dexcom 7 (a loaner from my endo) and the Medtronic Real-Time system (which I currently use). Overall, I definitely prefer the Medtronic system because it allows the user to customize alarms and thresholds to a much greater extent. However, I did appreciate 2 things about the Dexcom:

  1. its alarms were actually loud enough to wake me (but unfortunately they start at that volume, which is bad at school and in the workplace)
  2. sensor insertion was a little less painful, although I quickly got used to the humongous MiniMed introducer needles.

I found them both to be fairly accurate, however I had a lot of missed data with the Dexcom - both because it couldn’t get a signal (although I was well within range) or couldn’t make sense of the data. This doesn’t happen with the Medtronic system. If given the choice, I would definitely go with the Medtronic system. Just my 2¢. If you have any questions please let me know!

Thanks Sara

I tried out the MM on a trial—have also used the Dexcom 3 day and am now on the Dexcom 7. All 3 work great for me. MM technology is better - the software in the receiver/pump is better than Dex.

I personally like the Dexcom sensors better…but they cost alot more…$60 a piece, while MM is $35(i think).
Inital startup cost is less with Dexcom - but over a year the sensor price can sneak up on you.
MM has a perpetual high alarm—which means when you are high it will continue to alarm you in intervals (20 mnutes, 1 hour, you can set this)—With Dexcom, when you high your high alarm, it goes off once and that is it…so you can run 300 all night long and it wont alarm you again. This is one of the biggest downsides to me.
Both have lots of users with success of extending sensor life, past the FDA approved days.

PC Software is fine on both, but i prefered the MM software.

My A1C’s inproved from 7.3 to 6.0 - love this thing.

Either way you cant really go wrong. The trending is fantastic and you can treat your lows before you go low, and see when you are rising and stop that before you get too high.

Thanks Mollie and Sara and all.

Based on your comments and the comparison of the service people we have talked to, we have decided to get a Dexcom Seven. We will be calling them this morning and hope to pick up the CGM at San Diego when we attend the TCOYD Conference this weekend.

Do you know about Taking Control of your Diabetes? It is a wonderful teaching organization founded by Dr. Steve Edelman who literally wrote the book on the Dexcom. Take a look at

While you are at it, go to and request a free copy of the CGM Guide.