Cgm enlite

Hi, Am new to this so lemme know if I am violating anything. I use medtronics paradym pump and am in control. I manage so tighly that I crash a little too often. Particularly during exercise like hiking, walking the dog, or playing nine.
I want a cgm so I can tell if I'm going up of down. Since I am in control Kaiser won't write one. I have read a lot about the current medtronic product and the coming enlite. I can purchase the enlites through a friend in Germany (of course it is not supported here). It is high, about $80 per patch. This is a trial run for me. Am I correct in that they have a shelf life? How long?
Any reason NOT to do this?

I'm not sure exactly when the enlite will be available here? I would be more interested in working towards the Medtronics unit here. I moved and told my new endo I wanted one pretty quickly, or once we had settled in. I think that she knew what to do with BlueCross but arranged things with Minimed who, in turn, figured out how to twist the insurance company's arm?

why doesn't medicare pay for the cgm?