Has anyone heard when Medtronic's Enlite CGM Sensor might be released?

I wear the minimed and would prefer to stay wearing one device, but might end up going with Dexcom if Medtronic's Enlite is a long way away. Has anyone heard of a release date for the U.S.?
Thank you for any and all replies!!

I am curious about this too. I love having one device, but the insertion just has not been going well for me with the minilink, and I am thinking about switching to Dex, but will hold off if medtronic's changes are not far in the future.

The minimed Sensors were too large and too difficult to insert, and I ended up with more issues than the help of a CGM, so I stopped using it. Yes, really hoping the Enlite will be out soon to stay with only one device!

I talked to our rep here in Maryland USA last November. Says the new one will be out in the Spring..........we'll see............

I hope the Enlitecomes out soon. I have stopped using the MM CGM because I ,too, have had a very difficult time with insertionissues with the last lot of sensors,,even tried with another repalacement set that MM sent to me free ( well not a whole box, but 5) I cannot calibrate them, the reperatedly day lost sensor even before I get a chance to clibrate they do not appear to pierce the skin properly and I find that trying to get the frutsrating. unreliable things to work is not worth the time..

Did Minimed change the sensors as of late. I had fewer insertion and calibration issues durng the I first started uing the MM CGM in 2009 than I am having now. Maybe the new enlite will be available soon.
I will have to pay up-front for the sensors , as my new insurance, since I retired. gives reduced coverage for CGMS,:I just paid ( in December)for a new transmitter up front. I have more of a large deductible to pay before I get any coverage for other CGM equipment. Hence, I would rather wait and get the newer model , that may work better; rather than pay out of pocket for something that is not currently working well for me at all. . I will ask my dr. for a script for the Enlite sensors as soon as I know they are available.

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My doctor's office contacted Minimed since Minimed won't give much info. The minimed rep informed my doctor's office that it will likely be another 12 to 18 months. I keep holding off on paying out of pocket for dexcom because my insurance company will only pay for the medtronic sensors.

Have been available for quite a while now in the UK - maybe you can purchase from there

I have been using for 5 months now and have no comfort or insertion issues

still not 100 percent accurate but close enough to significantly improve control hence i use all the time


Does the transmitter have to be changed with the new Enlites? Or is the transmitter for the Soft sensors compatible with them?

I think our UK friends can answer that. They have them now for some time.


yes you need to recharge the transmitter every week (when the sensor times out)

I am not sure if the previous sensor will work

One key finding is the length of useful life - i get a minimum of 15days use - the first 2/3 days are very sensitive and the sensor reacts to highs badly (over stating the actual level) after that they are really very accurate for about 10days - the final few days are mucjh like the first 3 but with reduced sensitivty (so can show a bit low

In the uk it also cuts out the pump at a user defned level - this works very well and usually allows me to avoid the low during the day by setting the trigger for an alarm at 4.8 and then insulin cut off at 3.8

if you want any more infor let me know


I wonder if, in the US, the Enlite sensors will even be compatible with the Revel line of pumps. I remember hearing that one obstacle is that the Enlite is marketed to work for six days, and the FDA won't allow Medtronic to release the "workaround" that allows the Revel to stay connected for more than three. (Everyone knows the workaround, anyway, but they might have to make it incompatible to not appear to be circumventing the rules that got the Revel FDA-approved)

Several companies outside of North America sell the Enlite. I've yet to find one that will ship to Canada (or the U.S.), but I've recruited a friend who frequently travels to Germany to help me out. Just received my first supply of 5 sensors yesterday. I ordered online from www.DiaShop.de and had the sensors shipped to my friend's mother's place (but we could have used his company's office address as well). A VAT charge of about 50 euros was added to the original cost of 322 euros (I may be able to claim back the VAT — need to check that out), so obviously, without insurance coverage, it ain't cheap to acquire these things!

I didn't bother with the inserter, as that was going to be another 90 euros. I was able to insert the sensor without it (following a video I found on YouTube), and the whole process was a lot more comfortable than with the "Sof-Sensor" (there's a misnomer if I've ever heard one!).

Anyway, the biggest issue is of course the accuracy of the thing, followed by its duration. Since I'm only on day 1, it's a bit hard to comment on either of those, but if anyone's interested in knowing how it goes, just post a reply.

I've pretty much given up on the Sof-Sensors (even though I still have some in the fridge), which seem to have become even less reliable than when I started using them. I phoned Medtronic customer service for every one of the last four that I used, and they were very quick to offer replacements (unlike in the early days, when they seemed to assume user error and go through a pile of questions and verifications).

Hi, Scott ... I have the Veo (same as the Revel, but w/ the low glucose suspend feature?) and it's compatible with the Enlite (see more below).

thanks..keep us updated how its going

Thanks for the info, Heather. I believe (fear) the Revel is the same as the Veo, but with certain features disabled to gain FDA approval. Those features are, you guessed it, LGS and the more-than-3-day-sensor.

How irksome. What's the FDA's problem with the 3+ day sensor?

Remember Wiffy....we are in the USA. The FDA (Federal Drug Administration, for our UK friends)- it takes forever to get any approval. Politics are involved. Go figure.

I’m not sure about the US. I already have mine and I live in Saudi Arabia. Usually, products aren’t approved here if they’re not released yet in the country of origin.

Minimed filed for Pre-Market Approval with the FDA on June 8, 2012. In a press release published by Reuters it was stated that both the Enlite sensor and the pump with the low glucose suspend feature were included in the filing. Details are available here.

As for the answer to the question of when patients will be able to use these two items: no telling.

I'll be starting in a clinical trial next week. The results of this trial will be given to the FDA to approve/deny the enlite sensor, Revel 2 and Veo being sold in the US. The study is expected to last 4-5 months, so depending on how long the FDA takes to look over the results of the trial, I would guess at least 1 year.