New Enlite Medtronic sensor

I have been using the Medtronic Real-time CGM and I have had nothing but issues with it from getting stuck in me to not working at all. I saw that they came out with a new sensor and I was wondering if was compatible with the Real Time CGM
thanks a bunch,

It is compatible, but not FDA approved to be used with anything but the 530G pump. If you can get your doc to "fight" for off-label use it may be worth it. I was involved in the clinical trial, so knew from that experience that the accuracy wasn't better, but the insertion was vastly improved!

I too had one break off inside me recently. I was on a sailboat trip so communication with medtronics was sketchy and the best they could say was to "contact your endocrinologist"; soo helpful.
I called my Doc and she advised me to keep an eye on it in case of infection. I did, and it didn't, so darned if I know what happened to the little cannula. But I'm still alive.

You're looking to go with the Enlite sensor? From what I understand, it is shorter and possibly thinner. I feel your pain on the old sensors, but I haven't tried the new ones, so I can't tell you if they're better. The reason is that Medtronic says the new sensors only work with their new pumps (530G). If you're in the warranty period for the old pump (4 years from purchase), Medtronic will cut you a "deal" by charging only $400-500... So, you ask: What's the difference between the two pumps, except that the new sensor deliberately does not work with the old pump? Not much from what I can see...