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I see some comments about this on this site - but not any posts. I think it was/is designed for parent monitoring of a child's BG, but I think I could use it to monitor my BG (on a watch) instead of the receiver in my purse that I can't see.

I think it is open source. What does anyone know about it?

I don’t believe it is. Think the sensor is solely hooked to the monitor made by dexcom. It’s a good idea! Hopefully it’ll be made sooner than later:)

Hi, Nevada. I believe the set up require a direct connection to a cell phone in order for the information to be transmitted to another device (pebble watch, other cell phone, internet, etc.). So in addition to the receiver, a cell phone connected to the receiver needs to be carried around, and wifi or other connection maintained for the data to transmit.

The CGM In The Cloud group is completely open source. I am one of the parents that actually writes software for the pebble watch that posts the CGM information. It's open, free, and improved, updated, and maintained by T1D parents, all on a volunteer basis, except for the parts you have to buy and any cellular connections that have to be maintained. You can watch a BG on your smartphone, tablet, PC, a pebble watch, or anywhere that has an Internet connection - like via Chromecast on your TV. It is not made by Dexcom or any other company, and is not monitored or regulated by FDA. It is a tool that can be used with your other tools, and provided as-is, and should not be used to make treatment decisions. Just join the facebook group CGM In The Cloud, and you'll get all the details. #wearenotwaiting

This is an open source software. It entails hooking your Dexcom receiver via the USB port to an android phone which acts as an "uploader" to the cloud. From there your BG can be seen on any internet able device, including a pebble watch,computer, kindle, ipad, or phone. Here Lane Desborough of Medtronic explains the ins and outs. Just so you know the phone and the Dexcom receiver need to be continually hooked together. This setup drained my phone battery from 100% to 15% in about 4 hours. I am sure there are other phones which are more battery friendly but for my purposes it's fine.

The Nightscout was interesting. Seems to me a better solution could be in a Raspberry PI computer (super super tiny and cheap computers) with a Linux solution. Android is SO insecure these days, I wouldn't trust it with private info.

What I'm keeping an eye on is the iPhone Health abilities in the upcoming iOS 8.

Thank you everyone! I requested member status to the facebook group - CGM In The Cloud. It looks like it is ground-breaking for keeping a T1 mom in the loop! I was hoping that the Pebble Watch would be able to communicate with the Dexcom without a connection - a mirror image of the Dexcom receiver. Since the watch is waterproof and can be seen in the daylight - I could envision a lot of sports applications for it. It is easy to become engrossed in an activity and forget to check BG.