Pebble Watch

I am looking into getting a pebble watch. I think it will be very useful for me when I am in class. Can someone explain to me how it exactly works with the Dexcom share? I was also looking into getting a Fitbit for other purposes such as sleep tracker, and fitness components. Does the pebble have similar features?

Is this pebble watch capable of working with the Dexcom?
I’m assuming they all work with the Dexcom correct?

Thanks! So new to the pebble aspect lol

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Check out the NightScout WeAreNotWaiting website. Also search for the CGM in the Cloud group on Facebook.

These are both grassroots organized efforts to permit remote monitoring via the internet of a loved one’s blood glucose via a DexCom CGM. They use the Pebble watch as one option to do this.

I haven’t done this myself but I’ve followed the movement a bit. They are very friendly and helpful if you choose to take this path. They have a strong “pay it forward” ethic.

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The Pebble you linked to will work! How you set it up all depends on what cell phone you personally carry. If you have an iPhone & use Dexcom’s Share2 app, then all you would need once you have the Pebble is the SimpleCGM Watchface found in the Pebble app under ‘Get Watchfaces’.

If you have an Android phone, setup is a bit trickier. You would want to join the CGM in the Cloud group Terry posted a link to above to get more indepth help than I can provide.

Hope that helps!