CGM Sales Pitch

January 2007 – A1C – 7.3

March 2007 – A1C = 7.3

June 2007 – after buckling down and paying close attention to what I eat, when I eat, carb ratios etc – 6.6

Shortly after this one – I got my cgm

Sept 2007 – 6.0

6.0---I can hardly believe that---I was only this low one other time but was a paranoid freak - testing 15 times a day, sometimes more---I was pregnant.

Honestly, with cgm, I learned—I need to wait 20 minutes to eat after I take my insulin---this keeps most of my post meal BS from going over 170--- also, when I am going up and staying up I know it…I can correct and I don’t stay up there too long. Oh, not to mention…no more super lows. I can start treatment b4 I even feel low.

I still have room for improvement regarding my wide swings in BS after meals or Pizza, chinese, and pasta...but when there is a will there is a way.

That is my sales pitch for this week.

Congrats. Looking forward to getting on the pump and a CGMS myself. I’m not happy with A1c 8.3

Before I got on the insulin pump A1C was over 10 because had too many lows in one day. Now My A1C is 7.5 after I got on the pump in 2000… I’m still working on my A1C to a 6.0. I want to get CGM. Hopefully it’ll be soon… I LOVE YOUR SALES PITCH OF CGM DEXCOM…