CGM sensor and thin people

This year I have had more problems with CGM ??? than usual, also some larger occasional differences between Sensor and Meter readings. Last year I was able to generally stretch sensor usage 10 to 14 days but now lucky to get the 7 day use. Almost feel bad about having replacement sensors sent to me. My BMI is 19.2 (5’ 11" @ 138 lbs). Sensors are always inserted on belly either side of navel on what I call my bicycle tire. Should I try to locate the sensor further to the side where I’m certain I would sleep on it overnight? Are others seeing less reliability with Dexcom sensors?

Fellow BMI of 20 here
I dont know anything about your fat distribution, but mine is pretty much all buttocks.
not sure if i would feel comfy with my sensor on my tummy (personal preference). I keep getting quite good results on my arm, and i use them pretty much exclusively, even with not much fat there. But i feel like the movement of skin is pretty low there, compared to my belly. So maybe that does the trick? I also have a friend who puts the sensor into her calf, and afaik she gets good results there.
So far my sensors have not lost accuracy, i am able to keep them around 10 days.
good luck! Angela

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Dexcom definitely has managed to reduce sensor life. Sensors now last 7-10 days. I used to get 12-17 days out of a sensor.

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That is my suspicion, but hoping to hear other’s recent vs previous duration.

Just last week I got 20 days using my arm.

I haven’t had to restart a sensor for the past year as they are being supplied due to a trial I’m in. That being said, I did restart my last one that was in my stomach and got ??? Right after I got the thing recalibrated. I let it ride for awhile but after 4 hours of one reading and than more ???, I pulled it and started another one. Before the trial I got about 10 days before things went downhill. But maybe they have changed the sensor, but I do know many who are still gettting a long time out of them.

Maybe it’s just me though nothing has changed in the past year. Last month when I provided Lot #, Dexcom Rep indicated she was getting lots of similar calls on that lot. Currently on different Lot # but this one also starts with 5222

Thanks, I’ll look at my lot # & see if that might be the issue🙂

Sometime back, another Dexcom user said when ??? pops up, try tapping the transmitter a couple times. I’ve tried that, and it worked! Apparently the contact points get out of synch and just need a quick tap or two to come to their senses…

I love you guys. Always something new to try. I will file that in my must try next time, thanks!

I usually get 10-14 days. Just got 16 out of my last one. Probably could have gone another day or so but was not trusting some of the numbers.

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I still get almost three weeks from every sensor and that has been my average for several years.

I use the back of my upper arms for about 95% of my Dex sites. On my abdomen, I often get allergic reactions plus I never have as much accuracy or longevity as my upper arms.

I am thin, but not nearly as thin as the original poster.

I switched sensors to my arms last Spring because of my stomach getting too sweaty. I haven’t noticed any change in the duration of sensors, but I use one every two weeks, so the sensors may have changed: I just haven’t used them yet.

The secret for ME to use them for two weeks (or more) is protecting my sensor from my sweat and the sensor from shower water. Half a Tough Pad both protects the sensor from sweat and keeps my site from itching and Opsite Flex-Fix keeps moisture out of the sensor from outside.

Wish I’d read that this morning. Got the ??? for several hours, then took the sensor off, after only 8 days.

I’ve been averaging 15 days, on my abdomen. Tried my thinnish arm once and it was uncomfortable as heck. Took it off after one night and haven’t had the nerve (excuse the pun) to try again, though it would be more convenient because it frees up space for my Omnipods.

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With the ??? I normally will double check that transmitter is still securely snapped into sensor and actually wiggle the attached sensor around. Pretty sure it it tapped/bumped while I do that but will give it a few sharp taps next time.

I am getting a month out of dexcom sensors and just have to add a little tape here and there. I use the back of my arms for placement

As a followup to the above, I did try my arms again – in fact I have used my arms twice since that post, getting 12 days and 24 days. Incredible accuracy in the third and fourth weeks, often matching my fingerstick result exactly. I also find myself sleeping directly on them, with no discomfort or interrupted signals whatsoever.

18 BMI here and really want to go on a CGM next time I upgrade my pump. If I do, will be going Medtronic.

How do you get the sensor into the back of your arm? Do you need another set of hands? While I know my husband would do anything I needed him to at any moment I needed him to, I prefer not to set myself up to depend on him for some things, if that makes sense.

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Dexcom G6 inserter will be single button press.
I know you mentioned Medtronic… but just saying…

I hear you, but I’m on a Revel 723 now, and I have UHC so (without asking anyone for sure) I fear Dex wouldn’t be covered.