CGM Site Scars

This year I started noticing small red/pink scars(?) in my abdomen CGM sites. As I rotate to each side of navel and recently include both thighs, the half dozen or more scars on each side of navel indicate that the oldest would be from insert site 6-8 months ago or longer. I know that any cuts, scrapes, etc heal MUCH slower as we age (I am approaching but not yet Medicare age).
Might be partial reason sensors are not lasting a full 7 days?
Is there any problem using same sites?
Assume these scars(?) will clear up?
What do you use to help speed healing?

I use my arms and inner thighs for dexcom sensors, and see pink dots for just a day or so after removing sensor (usually 7-14 days usage for G4). Recently started G6 with similar dots that go away.

I use abdomen for infusion sets only. They leave dots too, sometimes lasting 6-7 days when I leave set in too long.

My guess is that abdomen area may get more movement from clothing/movement, thus jiggling my infusion set area a bit, to cause the redness. But always clears and I don’t think it is scarring in my case.

What do you consider a scar. All most of us seem to get is a little pink dot. Some of mine go away faster than others and I strictly use the abdomen area for Dexcom CGM. Starting in a straight line between belly button and xiphoid process I can get 3 insertions vertically on this center- line. Then can insert parallel to these on the right and left side about 3/8" and then can do a second parallel line 3/4" left and right of centerline for a total of 15 different insertion sites before re-using same site area and many additional sites can be used just 1/4 of an inch around these if needed. Most of my red dots go away within 3-4 weeks.

When the doc looks at my belly or my fingertips she says she sees scar tissue.

When I look I just see my belly or fingertips as far as I can remember they always looked that way.

I do get a little red dot when it comes out. Once I got a good sized bruise after the CGM came out. I do alternate between sides for CGM and try to rotate high/low/in/out on each side.

I am a little worried about all the scar tissue in my belly from 35 plus years of injections and how it might interfere with the CGM but so far no obvious problems.

I agree that scarring for either a CGM Sensor insertion one every 7-10 days and an infusion set every 3 days is less of an issue than MDI scarring … particularly for us Old-time T1D that started with 27 gauge, 13 mm needles instead of the 31 gauge, 6 mm needles more common today.

That said, my endo recently recommended that I use my thighs for CGM Sensor and “reserve” my belly for infusion sets. But, I certainly have less total scarring now as a pump/CGM user than during my MDI era … and much of THAT scarring has gone away.

That said, I’m 70 so don’t need to worry about how I’d look in a bathing suit at the beach … you may have different standards in that regard.


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I use my abdomen for my pod and my arms for my Dexcom. The Dexcom marks go away within a day and I leave those in at least 25 days. My pod leaves a pink spot that lasts 3-10 days depending where it is? When I say 10 days though I mean a tiny eraser/pinhead sized reddish spot in the mirror might still be seeable when I use alcohol for the next one. Looking at my stomach otherwise I don’t see them after a day? But with alcohol, reddish areas will show up and I use that to decide where to place my next one. I alternate sides and go top to bottom pretty randomly.

At the beginning I used a scar oil, but when I realized the pod and CGM didn’t seem to leave any residual mark for long so I stopped.

I don’t have any scars in 2 years of G5 usage. Neither does my wife. I guess it depends on how a person reacts to such things.

might need to mix with glycerin or corn huskers lotion because it feels like vasoline

I think, as with all things related to diabetes, your experience will be different from the next.
I have been pumping for almost 29 years but have been very diligent on rotation. I use all areas I can. I have been using CGMs on and off for years, but Dexcom for about 7. I also am very diligent on rotating sites. In all this time I have never notice any problems or scars. But I do feel I have been one of the lucky ones. I have no adhesive problems either.
I hope you find a solution to this new problem. I always feel so bad for those who have adhesive problems. Such a nightmare to finally have something that can help with your treatment plan and than discover you have an adhesive allergy.