Favorite Dexcom Sensor Site

i just started using the dexcom cgm G5. i was on the dexcom about 3 years ago, and it didnt work for me. i am very very lean, and i had difficulty finding sites for insertion. i would hit cappilaries and nerves, etc. and i could never get more than 3 days out of one sensor. i was constantly getting the ??? icons, having to pull them out, call up tech support (who are ab-fab above and beyond), and request a replacement. they never gave me a problem. but nothing worked. i stuck it out for about 1 year and a half, before i called it quits.

but since i am on Medicare and they pay for it 100%, i decided to try it again, figuring i had nothing to lose.

so, this friday the 13th of july, i began wearing my new G5. i found a site that had enough skin ( not my tummy, but my upper left thigh). it took about 30+ hours or so to “kick in” and become accurate.

i have read a lot about this site selection from others. each member has their own preference and success with different sites. what is yours? and could you please shed some light on your experiences with using it and your accuracy issues?

thanks in advance, Daisy Mae.

I have good success with the standard abdomen sites, but I’m not as super skinny as I was when I was diagnosed. I was skeptical when I first read about people using the back of their upper arms, but I have found this to be at least as reliable a site, if not more so. Getting a good insertion there is a little trickier, but it can be done with or without another person’s help.

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Accurate as heck, on my abdomen. Its the only place I’ve used it. My wife has good luck with her arm. I install them for her there. Her accuracy seems a bit more erratic than mine, but she is able to get them to work for far longer than me. I seldom go past 11 days. She can get over 20. there are folks that wear than on their butts, thighs, forearms (top or bottom). Even boobs. I’m fine with the abdomen. :slight_smile:


I wear my Dex exclusively on my calves (just below the back of the knee) and get close to 3 weeks from each sensor.

At my last Endo appointment last Friday, 7/13/18, I asked specifically if she was aware of any legitimate concerns with wearing a Dexcom sensor there. Her response - “as long as you are satisfied that the BG readings are good/stable, I don’t see any reason to avoid that location”!! (She interned at Joslin and I respect her input)


My daughter likes it high on her stomach on top of ribs.

I prefer my arms … seems to be the best spot for accuracy (I am using the G4 still - since I pay out of pocket for CGM … this is the best one for me to use at moment until I win a lottery … ( psst @Sprocket1 imagine if we were the Ottawa person who won the 60 million the other day … the people we could help afford insulin, etc. etc. ) .

I have used it also on my stomach, above my pant line (but I need help with that - and don’t often have anyone able to do the poke poke thing).

I use mainly expired sensors from Americans with good benefits … so with those sensors … I average at least 3 weeks. I did buy a new box last year, and I have one in from that box … it’s going now into it’s 4th week … with no ??? at all yet. Usually when more ??? starts to occur - I know it’s time to bid adieu to my little friend … and put a new one in … or just take a break from it for a few days … but I now feel lost without the CGM since starting on it almost 4 years ago.

@Millz - I tried the sensor there - but I am so muscular there (it hurt like heck to put it in place) … and found after less than a week … it became so irritated for some reason (my hairy legs since I’m a … cat :wink: ). Not sure, but since then I didn’t apply it there again, since it’s basically like flushing money down the drain due to no insurance coverage for the CGM.

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A month ago I switched to my inner thighs about four inches below the crotch. I am getting more accurate readings and sensors seem to last longer

My son likes to use the legs, also in our case it seems to last longer.

I like to put it here.

The diagram leaves out a lot of good site

I’m all about comfort and excellent readings - some sites take a while for me to get coming with I guess. In general, sites on the legs outperform most others.

It always amazes me how diverse and unique we D’s are while alike in many others!

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I would like to see what the sensor looks like, very few images online.


I am thin too. How deep does the sensor wire have to go ?

You can rock the inserter back to angle it enough to get a more shallow insertion. My daughter uses this method to place the sensor just under her rib cage on either side. It’s her favorite (& most accurate) site.


i have the same question. i am too thin to place the sensor under my rib cage or anywhere in my abdomen. last try was on my upper left thigh. i only had about 3 days of accuracy, though. next i am going to try it closer to my tushy where there is a little more flesh.

how long have you been trying out the sensor?

PS: i am a swimmer and am mostly muscle. dont have an ounce of fat on my body.

After almost nine years of using a CGM, I finally thought about using this technique. I use it on the back of my arms and I’ve experience many pain-free insertions. This tactic is definitely a winner!

I am quite thin too. Weigh 130 lbs on my heavy days and am 5’ 9" male. The sensor wire is very thin, looks like mono-filament thread and although it is about 1/2" long it goes in at an angle so does not go very deep. Abdomen close to belly button above belt line is my preferred site as that is one of the few places where I can sleep on my sides and not bury transmitter into mattress which yields false readings (Pressure lows) of up to 50 points.

I am also quite thin (was 135 lbs, 6’2", a bit more now). I also chose abdomen above the belt. When I started, I was quite concerned about the lack of tissue (but I’m not all hard muscle). It seemed to work, however, within the small footprint available.

@Sprocket1 Hi, On “top of ribs”?? Really? Does that area of insertion give accurate readings? I don’t have enough fat there! lol

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@earthingcat There’s quite alot of pics on youtube. Just search pics of dexcom sensors.

Arms and only arms. I haven’t had great luck with abdomen, love handles, calf or thighs. I wish calves and thighs worked better…they’re not awful, but they’re not nearly as accurate as my arms. With arms, I don’t ever have to check my blood sugar. A lot of times I’ll even just type in whatever number the dex is reporting to calibrate-it’s that accurate. I use the G5 currently. Hoping the G6 will work on my calves with the improved accuracy!