I just upgraded my Insulin Pump and I was wondering about my CGM. I’ve been using the same one for 2 yrs with no problems. Do most of you wait for it to die out or do you order a new one when the 6 month warranty time is up?

Oh, I also wanted to asked this. I’m using MM CGM and it has new features for the sensor. Do I need to upgrade the transmitter for the new features to work or will the old CGM work? I guess I’ll find out later today when I change out my sensor. I’m on day 5 on my sensor and I’m still using my old pump for the readings but, I’m connected to the new pump for my insulin. Hope that made sense…I know wierd huh but, I didn’t want to waste my sensor! Besides, lately I’m having a hard time inserting the sensors. They just won’t inject all the way in. Am I the only one having that problem? I ordered a new senserter and still no luck.

If you have good insurance coverage, I would order a new one every time it was available. Keep using the old, keep the extra as a backup. I’m a supplies/equipment hoarder though - the thought of being without is horrific, I’ll keep all the extras I can get!

Thanks, I think I’ll check into getting another.

I just looked on the MM website and it’s actually showing that my purchase date for the CGM was 10-21-08. So, I’ve been having that thing for a longer time than I thought!!!