Sensor therapy

I am on the pump and just got my sensor in the mail. I still have to go to my doctors before i can put it on. i was just wondering if anyone has used or is using sensor therapy and what you think about it/like/don't like about it?



What sensor? Everyone will have different opinions as to the sensors. I have used both the MiniMed CGMS, worked ok when I began but quit using it secondary to false readings, unable to calibrate properly, sensor failure. Insertion of the MM is like sticking a 2 inch nail into you also! Ice before you insert, feels much better. Bleeding was common for me too with the MM. Nice because one pump unit/CGMS combined. Switched to the Dexcom in October. Absolutely love it. Works wonderful for me. I tend to get 2 weeks of pretty accurate readings out of each sensor (1 week approval from FDA w/the Dex, 3 days w/MM). Insertion is almost pain free. Catches lows/highs; allows me to correct bolus miscalculations with good accuracy, trends good with exercise so I can see if dropping to quickly for comfort; easy to calibrate. Both units I do better inserting before bedtime and not starting sensor until the morning. Another piece to carry with me, but the accuracy of the Dex is worth the inconvenience!

I use the MM sensor and pump combination and I really like it. Of course there are some things I dislike, but more that I like than not. First, it gives incredible feedback. The records produced are much more thna the doc wants, so no more, where is the data dude?

Now the dam thing is annoying. I mean really annoying. My low is set at 90 and since the sensor tends to lag, I usually know I am low before it says so and I am recovering before it knows it. So the darn things beeps with info I already know and am dealing with. This is usually not the case at night, when I need it most. It has saved my nighttime bacon more than once, and that is a great thing.

rick phillips

MM CGM here and I love it. it is right on the money for me when I use it the right way. It is great to have that info at my finger tips non stop. now don’t get me wrong I will always double check with a finger stick before I treat but it is usually right. it has really tightened my control and helped me tweek my basals on the pump. I don’t know what I would do without a cgm now. I am spoiled I guess. my last A1C was 5.9

Not sure what brand you have but you don’t have to wait to see a doctor to start using it.

I got my MM pump and CGMS and started it all the same day without any training. Just read up on the system and give it a go; it is far easier than many will have you believe.

Not sure exactly what it’s call but it goes with the MiniMed 722 Pump. I got put on it today :slight_smile: