CGMS Journey - Chapter 2.5

Well I found out yesterday that I have to write the letter for predetermination and fill out all the paper work and then send it over to my doctors office to sign so they can then send it off to the insurance company. So I have all this done and am heading to get their signatures tomorrow.


Good news I hope… Fellow twitter @bishop1073 who is also a Kansan just got approval for a CGMS - he may have a different plan, but he thought that this was due to a recent amendment in insurance coverage. So tomorrow I also plan to give a call to the insurance company to see if anything may have changed and to get some formal documentation on my policy. I’ll take this as a good sign.

I hope what happened for Bishop bodes well for those of us in California! I am so tired of paying out of pocket whilst others are getting covered! Makes me feel like they’re thinking “She’s not worth saving. Let her deal with it”.

Maybe things ARE going to change a bit.

Hi Michelle,

I’m on Coventry of Kansas and I just got approved a few weeks ago