I just recieved my approval letter for CGMS from my insurance company. I didn’t even have to appeal. They approved it the first time through. I called Minimed today and faxed them the letter to review and contact my insurance company. Then they are supposed to start the process for me getting the system. By my time frame I am thinking I will be hooked up by the end of February. I am sooo excited!

Congrats Cara,

I started up on 1/11. Hope things go well for you. :slight_smile:

Thanks. I can’t wait! I didn’t have to fight with them, which I think is a miracle. I am so thankful that God answered my prayers!

That is wonderful! Do you mind me asking what insurance company you have? I haven’t heard back from mine yet, though I just got my CGMS about 2 weeks ago.


If I may ask, which insurance company?

Congrats and good luck. Shaff

BCBS of TN. They were wonderful.

BCBS of TN. Apparently they are getting on the bandwagon as far as this whole thing goes. They are approving several people. At least that’s what my Minimed rep told me when I talked with him.