CGMS newbie and when to change sensors

Hi, everyone…
I’m guessing that this is one of those varies-from-person-to-person and trial and error things, but thought I’d ask anyway. Right now I’m using the MM CGMS and it’s actually working very well. (I did a trial about a year and a half ago and wasn’t so pleased. But I got tired of not knowing what was happening to my bs while I slept.) Anyway, many have said the sensors are fine longer than the recommended 72 hrs, so…how do you know when it’s time to change them?

I am happy to report , that I get more usuage out of one sensor by after the first 72 hours, I re-start the sensor by going to sensor menu , scroll to sensor start and press act …you will shortly there after have to calibrate.The next 72 hours , I disconnect the transmitter and put it on the charger , till green light stops flashing and attach transmitter to sensor …again start the process, as if a " brand new " sensor is being used. This time I watch closely the sensor results against finger pokes …If numbers are too big a difference, I declare this for me the end of the sensor lifespan . I also watch the skin closely for redness and itchy skin .Certainly time to remove , when this occurs .
Others may have different responses for you .And I plan to follow you blog on the topic. thanks.