CGMS Painful***More, less, or same testing

My CGMS medtronic system is often painful/achy while wearing is yours?

I also find that I test the same amount with my meter and sometimes more to verify that what my CGMS is telling me is correct, how about you?

I test close to the same frequency , probably slightly less. It depends on what my BG is doing. On days when it stays more stable, I test less. On days when it’s not so stable, I test more. After I wore it for a while and was able to fine tune my basal rates and boluses better, I had more days when it stayed more stable so I tested less. The testing doesn’t bother me though. I knew I had to calibrate it twice a day, and also verify results before taking corrective action. It’s not really supposed to replace conventional testing, and the data it provides is different from the data you get testing. It’s the combined data that makes it so useful.

There have been a few times that I might have a site that seemed a little sore, but that was rare. I don’t know what sites you’re using, but I was only able to use the sensor on my butt and ‘love-handles’.


i dont have problems with mine… maybe you hit a muscle in there, this is usually what makes it more uncomfortable… i am using my CGMS for 2 months straight, i just take a break to recharge the transmitter though, i dont know what to do when i dont have this with me, i am being dependent on it… for the past 2 months, ive ordered 2 boxes of sensors… i know it sounds expensive but insurance paid a big amount from it, so i dont really mind…

we should always remember though, that CGMs dont really stay accurate at all times, there could be a huge difference from what our meter says… but what i like about it is that it gives me an idea of what my BG level is, though not the right numbers, but i can tell whether i am on acceptable levels for me… i test a lot when my sugar is getting crazy, i test every hour at least till i am on the safe range.coz it bothers me a lot everytime i checked on my CGM and its giving me high numbers so i check often… also, what i love bout this CGM is the warning it gives me when im goin high or low… i like to be reminded ahead before it gets too late…

Has anyone ever yanked a sensor because of pain? This one is killing me but giving me accurate info. :frowning:

The only timemine was painful was when I tried to go nine days—the sensor was willing, but my skin was not. My skin dictates I must change no longer than 4 days.

As for accuracy, the only time mine is way off is if I am going up or dawn in the double arrow range–other than that it stays pretty consistently no morethan ten off, usually only 2-4 off.

The trending has been a real saver for me, and the fact that it detects lows becaue I cannot!

I have much better sleep now,as I am a very light sleeeper the vibrate wakes me up…

I haven’t found it painful at all. I test about the same as before, maybe a bit less. I am finding that being able to look at the trends is useful for fine tuning my basal rates and insulin/carb ratio. I’m not wearing a sensor all of the time, but have decided to wear one maybe one week per month, to keep an eye on the trends.