Pain from cgm

So I’m new to type 1 and I’m using libre 2, and yesterday I had to change it, but I am afraid I did something wrong because sometines it randomly hurts like something stinging me. Also the sensor is always 50 mg/dl or more wrong.

I don’t know what to do, should I change it? Should i wait and see if it stops?
Is there a correlation with the pain and wrong BG?

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Hey, welcome to TuD! Maybe somebody using Libre can chime in. I’ve had that happen with Dexcom CGM and with Omnipods over the years. Sometimes its from hitting a nerve or muscle and the pain gets worse, sometimes it subsides.

Seems like the accuracy is bad so you should call Abbott and ask them to send you a new sensor because this one is not accurate. And I would replace it if the accuracy does not improve, being off by 50 is pretty bad.

There is a learning curve to using a CGM. Everyone has different experiences depending on a whole host of factors. I would do nothing for a while to establish patterns. Is my CGM always reading higher or always lower than my finger sticks? Am I always high or always low for the first 24-48 hours after inserting a new sensor? Rely on your finger sticks until you build confidence in your CGM trends and what those trends mean. Trends are always way more important than any single data point. It takes a couple of months to feel totally comfortable with a CGM, for some a little less time and for others a little longer, Should I presoak sensor, etc.? are all questions and challenges you will learn how your body reacts to a particular sensor make, and model. We are all different, learn at different rates and for some of us our bodies are a lot more cooperative to a CGM than others. For everyone, however, a CGM does improves BG, A1C, TIR one baby step at a time over a very short period of time. Just be patient, stick with it and in a relatively short amount of time you will be seeing improvements.

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Yes, sometimes sensor give readings highly inaccurate. I was using Libre and worked very well. As soon as I changed to Libre 2 a couple of sensors failed very quickly. Also, I find it less accurate and always the first scan fails. The second works???. Pain and reading relationship… possible.

In my experience if the CGM site hurts and there are inaccurate readings then the sensor wire did not insert properly. Usually it will be bent over so that it isn’t deep enough in your tissue. I would contact Abbott and ask for a replacement and change out the sensor.


Has the accuracy improved as another day has gone by? Often it takes a day or two for the sensor to compare more closely to finger-stick readings, and that’s why it displays a “check glucose” symbol for the first 12 hours. Sometimes mine will read within a few points of my regular glucose meter, but more often it takes about a day, and occasionally two days.
Sorry I haven’t had any experience to share regarding the pain issue, but it may be connected. One time out of the almost 4 years I’ve used the Libre, the sensor turned out to be bent at a right angle and the sensor just didn’t read at all. Freestyle Libre Customer Support sent a replacement right away.
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Yes, thank you for responding.
so the pain did go away a bit and the accuracy has improved.
Unfortunately its sometimes stings a bit but it doenst hurt as much.

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