CGMS - Pump - Where to Start?

I know nothing. My endo thinks I should consider a pump, for convenience. What’s the diff between CGM & the pump? Can they be both? Is Omni the only non-tube type? How big is it? Sleeping with tubes? Sex while attached to something foreign?

So many questions. Not sure where to start. Point me in the right direction? I meet with the “pump person” at my endo’s office next week.


CGM- tells you your BG and lets you know if you are heading up or down. which is the real point of the thing.

a pump has an infusion set, which pumps the insulin into you and you have a tube that connects the actual pump to the infusion and is where the insulin flows through. you can google pictures of an insulin pump to actually get the full idea. it helps give more acurate insulin dosing as opposed to shots. and you can have more freedom because you can control the pump.

CGM and a pump are not “all in one” yet, but that is what we are all hoping for!
and yes, omnipod is the only pump with out a tube.

i haven’t had a pump before.
so i’m afraid i can’t answer those last two questions for you
but i think it will just take some getting used to the pump.

i hope i helped!

CGM has to be used in conjuntion with an insulin pump, it is really good for helping you track trends of your glucose levels, it measures the glucose level in your interstitial fluid so it is not going to be the same number as your blood glucose level but is should be within 20% of that. I think if you have never pumped before it is smart to start pumping first because it is so over whelming and then once you feel comfortable you can link to a CGM system. Omni is the only non-tube type I know of, I tried it it is about the size of a small egg. I personally didn’t enjoy it but there are lots of pumpers who do, I know they do know have a CGM system for that pump. Sleeping with a pump has never been an issue for me, I have been using a pump for about 4.5 years and either hook it to my shorts while I sleep or lay it next to me, I have never had a problem. I personally detach my pump during sex. When I am in the shower, pool, or having sex I un-hook my pump. Others may leave theirs attached, I am just more comfortable with out it stringing off me.

I hope this helps.

Jacqueline ,I have a Medtronic brochure and MM has also available " Guardian Real-Time " , instead of wearing an insulin pump , one wears a monitor, sensor and transmitter.Paradigm pump button is different ( B at pump , SHIFT at monitor ) …I have not seen this gadget in real live.

intimacy with a pump is not bad at all - maybe because I had my pump before starting that phase in my life. If you’d like to talk about that I will do that privately with you within messages. I’m sure Manny doesn’t want things like that out here in the open on his forums! :slight_smile: I use the medtronic 722 with the CGMS option. As of right now, the Omni is the only tubeless pump, however, medtronic is almost done with one and they say it should be released soon. I did try the Omni and sent it back, the pod was too bothersome for me when I would try to sleep I’d rip them off.

I shove the pump in my bra or use a baby sock with a safety pin and pin it to my undies. As for other options I have also used waist pouch from medtronic

Please let me know if you have any more questions. I have tried all infusion sets so far and my favorite has been the Silhouettes from MM with the inserter I can also insert without - Kristin taught me. As for quick-sets, I could never get them to stay. Sure-T’s for me wouldn’t stay put for gymnastics but the silhouettes would. If you have any adhesive allergies have your endo write you a prescription for IV-3000, or tegaderm HP to put under your set and insert the set through it. That has lessened my irritation with the sets.

Thank you all for the replies…I feel like I have such a loooooong way to go…I didn’t even understand a lot of the terminology used - but I’ll get there!

A good pump trainer will help fill in the gaps for you. Whatever questions you still have, just ask us!

I have the minimed 722 and the continous glucose monitor. I wear the glucose monitor sporadically, as the sensors are not covered by my insurance plan. I have it in case I get pregnant, in which case I’d wear it all the time and pay out of pocket if necessary.

I would get used to the pump before starting with the CGMS. It takes a while to adjust your basal rates and there is a slight learning curve (at least for me there was). The pump is not that big, and trust me, you will often forget that it’s there. I, too, had similar concerns and they were all put to rest once I got it. To sleep, you can put the pump right next to you on the bed or in a pocket, and as for intimacy, you can either disconnect it for a while or choose to keep it on. It very quickly becomes a part of you!

Good luck!

Hi Di -

Thanks for the reassurance. As for sleep, I sleep on my side/stomach and tend to switch from left to right all night. I worry about getting “tangled”? My jammies don’t have pockets.

I sleep on my side and my stomach

I take a baby sock, in the pump either to my undies or use that waist pouch and twist it so the pouch is resting on back.

Hi Cheri, I blogged about the basics of insulin pumps and CGMS recently, you might find it useful to take a look as I covered a few of the questions you asked:

Pumping for beginners -
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Hi Alison -

These are WONDERFUL and very helpful - thanks soooo much.

Glad they helped Cheri, it’s all a bit overwhelming when you first start to look into it isn’t it? If you’ve got any questions feel free to drop me a message or leave a comment on the blog. Good luck! Ax

You bet - I will! My appointment to talk about it is next week. I’m going to be traveling after that, so I will wait awhile. I can see already that my biggest decision is going to be tubes or no tubes. I have to physically see the Omnipod; but Cynthia says medtronic is soon to have one as well.


When I called again about the tubeless pump, they told me sometime in the next few months if not, then the beginning of the new year. if I find out anything else I’ll be sure to let you know! :slight_smile:

I waited for 8 months before getting hooked to omnipod. I wish I had not as this is the best thing I did to manage my Type 1. It takes around 3 weeks to get used to it and then it is less overwhelming. I just started my Dexcom this weekend and know for sure between these two, I would be able to acheive better control. I wish you well and would encourage you not to wait. It is worth all the effort and helps you feel normal.

Thanks for mentioning that you are used to it after 3 weeks, I get my MM delivered to me today, and I wondered about getting used to it.

Big Dexcom and Omnipod fan here.

Dexcom is a great CGM and the omnipod has been amazing. I’d highly recommend them both to anyone looking to pump and use a CGM.