Change, but not a good one

For the past week, I have had horrible, constant nausea as well as diarrhea. I've lost 10 pounds because I am unable to eat much. If my blood sugars were improving, it would almost make the nausea bearable, but they are always in the 200s. My endo increased the Levemir from 20 units twice a day to 25 and still readings are in the 200s.

I'm sick and tired of feeling sick all the time. I'm a part-time ESL teacher (adults, not kids)and I can barely make it through 3 hours a day. On Monday I will also be teaching 2 evenings a week. Our semester just began and I only worked 3 days, and every day I came home and rested the rest of the day.

I'm going to get Gravol for the nausea today. I'm not looking forward to increasing the Victoza to 1.2 on Tuesday, but I'm hoping eventually the nausea will go away.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Linda, I didn't go up to a 1.2 dose of Victoza after a week. I waited 6 weeks until the side effects were gone.In fact my endo waited for me to tell him when I was ready to increase. However my sugar wasn't as high as yours is.

The side effects did all go away except for the constipation (I have the opposite problem you do.) But it really took 6 weeks before I felt like my old self. You might call your endo and tell him how bad the side effects are and tell him you want to wait a bit before you increase.

I'm sorry it's being so rough. Hopefully the Gravol will help.

Hi, I’m on my second week of the 1.2 of Victoza and am finally feeling better. I have lost about 12 lbs, which makes me happy, but I no to very little appetite and almost force myself to eat. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon. I had no issues with the .06 doses.
Forgot to tell you that I was on the .06 for almost a month. Also, this has really helped my fbg. It was running in the 180’s before I started Victoza and now has dropped to 78-115, so it does work!

Thanks Flem and Ellyn. I'll call the endo on Monday.
Believing that Victoza can and will work and that the nausea will ease up eventually gives me hope. I was close to giving up! Thanks again.

Where are you injecting it? I had that problem when I started it and it turned out I was injecting too close to my belly button. I may have been getting it directly into my bloodstream or something. It was predictable - I would throw up in the morning about an hour after taking t, and again at about 1 in the afternoon. Once I started injecting farther away from center, it stopped and it has been of great benefit to me. My a1c used to be 10 and now it is 6.

Hello Linda,
Have your' Endo mentioned Gastroperisis? I was on Victoza for over 2 years and fought the nausea and other problems as well. I hated being on Victoza and did not find changing from night to day or anything else with it to make a difference. I also have struggled with the high numbers. I was not seeing an Endo and pressed my PMP to finally refer me to one. First thing she said when I mentioned hating Victoza and the problems with it, that I may have a issue with the Gastroperisis and immediately ordered a "Gastric Emptying Study". If you have a problem with it like I did, the your stomach is not digesting properly and food sits in the bottom of your stomach. Victoza and other meds of that type slow your digestion even more and that is what causes the problems you are having.

I have to see a Gastroenterologist and get treatment as well as learn the ins and outs of what I can or cannot eat. You may want to check with your Endo and get him to order this test for you.

Good Luck,