Change for the better with numbers..along with some lows

My plan on not skipping meals is going pretty smooth although yesterday I did have some lows. Seems like if I’m not low, I’m high…go figure. Last night when I checked my sugars after doing so well all day I was so angry when I saw a reading of 281 but I think it was due to an over correction of a low of 54 I had 3-4 hours previous. I was hungry at the time so I ate some peanut butter and crackers, bolused for that as well as the correction bolus based on the 281 reading. The total bolus was 3 units. I was really exasperated when an hour later I got the reading of 100! Still had lots of insulin in my system so I took in some sugar and laid down. Kept dropping. I really don’t have a clue about that particular low aside from extra physical activity. This is all I can come up with so I am going to chock this up to more than usual activity yesterday starting at noon. Beforehand I had switched basal to exercise basal which is set at .57 but guess that was still too much for all the work I was doing. I really underestimate how much activity has to do with blood sugars. So now a question - How long do sugars tend to drop after starting excessive exercise/ physical activity? I figure 3 or 4 but I need to check.

For me, the drop-off is almost immediate. During the early days of my honeymoon, (as opposed to now, where I’ taking 1U a day) if I exercised with any insulin on board, after 20 minutes of cardio, I’d routinely be in the 60s. Even now, exercise can knock an extra 10-15 points off my sugars. I believe, but am not certain, that the effect lasts for several hours after exercise.

Dov thanks for that I sure didn’t know it could be that fast. I guess I was thinking it would take a few hours or so. But I started working that day at noon and it makes sense what you say because shortly after I had a low- wasn’t that bad but like 60… then sporadic working and another low, etc. This kind of went on throughout afternoon with that 281 reading later