I woke up in range this morning, but ever since I ate breakfast I have been high. My lowest reading since this morning has been 11.5 (207) but most have been between 13-15 all day. Constant corrections, site change, cartridge change, no ketones.

I was supposed to spend all day working on my thesis edits but instead spent most of it konked out napping because I am exhausted! I think I'm becoming more sensitive to high blood sugar than I used to be. Never used to get so tired when I was high.

I was going to do some exercise today as the past two weeks I've only done that intermittently, but it's so hard to exercise when I could hardly keep my eyes open to work on my thesis. Ended up sleeping in, had a four-hour nap in the afternoon, and am about to go to bed and I'm sure I'll have no problems sleeping tonight.

And last night I had a completely random drop from 9.8 to 2.6 (176 to 47) with no insulin on board (it was 5.5 hours after my last bolus) which makes no sense, either.

Hopefully tomorrow is a better diabetes day ...

That's often how I know my blood sugar is high, besides testing, If I sit on the couch or lay on my bed to play a game I'll be asleep in no time with a high.

Sounds like you're having one heck of a time though :( .

Yeah, I think that's starting to happen to me ... When I was younger and even in my 20s I could be high and not even notice it beyond being a bit thirstier than usual if it was a prolonged high. Now I get soooo tired, plus thirsty, running to the bathroom non-stop, and my vision gets really blurred. Seems to happen when I hit the teens (so 230ish U.S. numbers). It's good in that it's a good motivator to not go high, but frustrating when I'm high and just stuck there.

I woke up at 4.8 this morning so here's hoping today is better, my thesis really needs it to be!! :)

Jen while i was doing my dissertation I had the same issues. I was all over the place, and so tired. I finally just had to ride it out and go with it. Of course I found that meant I would work on the dissertation for about 4 hours, and then sleep for 2-3 and start over again. It was a constant cycle for over a year. Anyway, It took another year or so break it. Hey writing is tough and not for the faint of heart. Take care however, exercise does help, and also some me time, just putting it away is not a bad thing. Of course as we say in Doctrate Programs, too much down time makes for unfinished dissertations. or ABD time. LOL

good luck


hope you feel better jen good luck hugs

Spiked again today after breakfast, but was doing "okay" until I hit 20.7 (373) after lunch! (My own fault for eating a high-carb lunch ...) Put my pump settings up some more (already put them up yesterday), so hopefully that will help. Cleaning right now and plan to exercise later, but at least I have made some progress on editing my thesis. This thing is soooooo close to being done, I was hoping to have it done by July 1st but now am hoping for the end of the week!

Yep, I ended up nodding off when my BG hit 22.7 (409) but forced myself to get up after an hour. Ended up doing a site change and now - thankfully! - I'm down to 6.0 (108) after dinner.

And I can totally relate to being sick of my thesis. I am never touching this topic again for a LONG time even though I could do some follow-up studies, and I'm sure my supervisor will want me to write it up for publication in some journal. But for the moment I just need to finish these bloody edits and get it sent off and hope it's good enough that I can move on to sending it to my committee and the final defense. I will be SO HAPPY once that's all done!

And in 20 minutes I then dropped from 6.0 to 3.4 (108 to 61). Oy. I bet I'll have to put all my pump settings back down. I haven't been stacking corrections or anything, and ate a pretty low-carb dinner so didn't have any huge bolus ... I wish I could just go two days without my BG being so variable, argh.