Change in Glucose Tablets

It looks like the manufacturing process for glucose tablets (Dex-4 style) has had some sort of change. I recently bought some bottles of 50 and the bottle now has a flip top lid to make it “easier” to get the tablets out of the bottle. Since I always carry a tube of the tablets with me, I refill the tube from the bottle.

Here’s the difference: when I put ten of the new tablets in the tube the top of the tube won’t snap into place - grrr! The new tablets are “taller” and don’t seem to be as compressed, nor do they seem as “hard” when I bite down on one.

Does anyone know if this is in fact the new “standard” for these tablets?

For now, I am having to rename my glucose tablet tube. It used to be called “ToT”, for Tube of Ten (always said in a bold voice with some reverb applied), now it will have to be called “ToN”, for Tube of Nine (always in a lower voice with the same reverb applied). :smiley:


The Old Dex4 tabs where a little hard, one day when I was having a Mega-Hypo I chomped down on a mouth full of them and shattered my upper and lower back teeth. It cost me about 15,000.00 to get them fixed. When someone is suffering from Mega-hypoglycemia they have no idea how hard they are biting down on something…


I keep glucose tabs on hand but found I really like sour gummy bears which are very soft, tasty, and 2.5 g carbs each. I stuff 'em into small prescription bottles to take on walks or keep in my bag.

IMO, glucotabs are almost as bad as NPH. I hate both. I use Skittles in lieu of yucky glucotabs and I DON’T eat Skittles for “fun”.

Well, if you hate NPH as much as I do … WOW! :wink:

I find the tablets the easiest thing to transport, because for me the tube slips into a pocket easily and I know what I am going to get carbwise; no worries about melting or a hole in a plastic bag, effectively no “use by” date, etc, etc.

I used the glucotab TUBES for SKITTLES for years. but after a while the lids fall off. Now I use small pill bottles like what Dexilant comes in. The screw on lids are not going to fall off like the press-on glucotab vial lids.

I hear ya on the lids, LOL! There’s always a bad feeling when a) you’re low and b) you reach for the tube, only to have the tablets slide out into your pocket, onto the street, or into a sand dune!

I have gotten really strict with myself to make sure I put the tube in my pocket with the top up. When the tubes get old, I just buy a new one.

EXACTLY! :slight_smile:

Besides the two Dexilant bottles I use, I have a 3rd bottle which is a small, tapered Rx bottle from Target Pharmacy.

I also use glucose tabs. Love the fact it’s easy and never have to worry about them sitting in the car forever. I usually use Glucolift tabs as they are softer. But they are having some production problems so had to get the others and yes did notice hey we’re much softer but the tablets are more fragile. By the time I get to the end of the bottle it’s all dust. Can’t wait for my Glucolift to come back. They have 3 favors, orange creme, cherry and blueberry. All are great!

I have noticed that one brand I bought, from cvs I think, which came in a bag, went hard quickly and they’re painful for me to chew so I threw them away. I only buy the Relion brand now, they taste better and they stay soft. When I’m fighting a bad low I don’t want to worry about the time and effort it will take chewing hard glucose tabs to get them into me. The relion brand bottle changed too, which makes me think they’re all made by the same source probably. I don’t know about the small tubes, I only have 2 of them and don’t use them as often so I don’t refill them often. I don’t know how many mine carry.

I think the Relion brand taste pretty good, too. They are also less expensive. I have a couple of Dex-4 “shots” bedside for a real I-need-it-fast hypo. I peel off the plastic ahead of time so I can open it fast, too (found that tip on another website). So far have only needed it once. Whew!

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Me too catlady, I have tons of glucose shots all over the place, the gels in plastic bag containers are great for your purse because they weigh less and they’re just as fast as the glucose shots. I have gotten them at Target so far- I don’t see them anywhere else but online. I remove the plastic in advance too. OJ when I’m downstairs at home is also my go too for bad lows… it tastes much better and works just as quickly for me.

I have glucose tabs everywhere from tackle box to backpack to my kids houses. Just in case! Nancy

They changed the lid size for the brand of 50 count tabs I get from Walgreens. They made the size bigger likely for the ease of access. Even the old style could hold 60+ pen needles Red cap for the 12mm (½ ") and green or Sharpie-ed cap for the 6mm (¼ ") ones. [ ’ = foot , " = inch] for those unaware of notation.

Another change I’ve seen companies making is in adding cotton to the tops of the bottles maybe for freshness sake or to prevent spill outs.
I bought some dex(2+2)s in a pinch on my way to my urinating test last Tuesday… Not sure if they were a factor in the results that were good. If insulin is considered a performance enhancing drug, is glucose one too?

I like the alternate uses described by @phoenixbound , I myself being a skittles fan. My trouble with skittles is when they melt in to a globular form which is not easy to break but can be used in lolly form. If they could just make jelly bean flavors for glucose tabs they could be considered a medical item unlike the Bellies De’Jelly. (popcorn glucose tabs) :smiley:

My Skittles don’t melt. Are you leaving them in hot cars? I have been in 110 degree heat with them for extended periods, many times.

Pockets mainly. Maybe ones in shorts or Backus-Packus were result of melting or if cell phone was nearby and hot. :stuck_out_tongue:
Do you open the skittlez package by the corner so only 1-2 can fit out at a time?
Or do you
Tear ½ or ¼ way along the top.
Open like a bag of chips should be. not the alternate (exploding via pressure) method.

I buy the biggest bags of Wild Berry I can find and put them into a plastic jar with a screw on lid. From there, I dip bottles into the jar to quickly fill them to the brim, then top them off to keep the Skittles from rattling. I always have either 2 or 3 small bottles with me when I go anywhere. Costco used to carry Wild Berry Skittles in a large box with many bags for the cheapest price I have ever paid for Skittles. A few times a year I replenish my supply when I see them in the affordable large bags. The small bags’ price is a rip-off, IMO.

Good tips The small bags are a rip off even at the bogo deals. I usually use The Large pill bottles same ones I use for storing quarters which hold 10 Glucose Tabs comfortably. The smaller sized bottles need karate chop action sometimes to get em out unless pre-split as I do.

I once got a bad doughnut pack from snack machine that were spoiled I sent em back and was delivered an apology box with 4-6 of several snack Items. Sticky buns, Jelly rolls etc from the Lady Linda brand I believe.

Good Show, by the Co. :doughnut: