Favorite Glucose Tabs


What are your favorite glucose tabs? I have tried the BD tabs, but don’t like that they are individually packaged and I have to punch them out…hard to do with shaky hands. Plus they take up more space tab for tab.

I use our local drugstore’s generic version (Eckerd) which come in nice bottles of 100 and nice small cylinders, which I have stashed everywhere. But I’ve come to just hate that chalky taste!

Would love to know what others think.


I hate that chalky taste too. And the flavors too, yuck. And the BD ones are hard and hurt my jaw. I generally end up using the generic pharmacy ones too. I like to get the big bottle and then just refill that cylinder. The bottle stays in the cupholder of my car and the cynlinder goes in my purse. But really, I just avoid taking them at all. By my bed at home and at work I keep little juice boxes with exactly 15 carbs. It’s great portion controll when you want to eat everything, and I feel better getting a little nutrition with my sugar.


i agree-- i used bd tabs but am not a fan of the flavor. so now i use gummi lifesavers (3 carbs per lifesaver) or little juicy juice boxes (exactly 15 carbs).


I like the walgreens and CVS brands grape flavor. I cant deal with orange anymore because i used them for too long. And the BD brand make me want to gag. They are the worst i have ever had.


I tried the BD tablets once, and never used them after that. I found the foil package didn’t hold up very well in my pocket and I ended up with powdered dextrose all over the place. Plus, the BD tabs are 4 grams each, and most others are 3 grams each. For me, if I’m running low, I cannot think about grams … I just know 3 or 4 tablets usually does the trick.

As an FYI, there are two major glucose tablet manufacturers who supply almost every private label for the major drugstore chains: Can-Am Care Corp., and a newer startup called Raritan Pharmaceuticals. (Both are suppliers to Wal-Mart, although only Can-Am serves Walgreens, CVS, and countless others). I find the mixed, tropical fruit flavors most tolerable (they’re made by Raritan, by the way). I wrote a post on this topic a while ago, you can read the details here.


Fruit snacks - Welch’s - not chalky not bulky -19 carbs.


Where do you find these?


Target brand grape for me. I don’t think chalkiness or taste really matter when your trying to climb out of a hypo.


I have Reli-On grape glucose tabs but I don’t care for the chalkiness either. I’ll admit it; I kind of like using lows as an excuse to eat candy. Lately I’ve been keeping a bag of Skittles in my purse and eating those to cover lows, but I don’t know how many Skittles to eat to equal 15 carbs (anyone know?). I’d like to carry Starbursts but I’m not sure how many carbs there are in each piece. I don’t really care for Life Savers. The other day I ate a KitKat to cover a low, but it took a while to get into my system, so I had to sit there sweaty and shaky for a little longer than I would have preferred.


I don’t like the taste. I eat 3 life saver.


Susan, that is funny - I like being low (sometimes) just so I have an excuse to eat something w/ sugar. lol Very sad on my part.

I can tolerate the Reli On flavors from Wal-Mart - grape and tropical being my favorite. Also, juice boxes are a great alternative, especially if you are at home and have them available. I had to get out of carrying candy around because I would eat it when I got on a sugar kick. So…I only keep nasty stuff that I won’t eat around in my car and stuff. lol


Kroger brand raspberry. I love the excuse of being able to eat something yummy, but, inevitably, I eat too much. With chocolate (mmmmmmmmm), the fat (bad) keeps the carbs from acting quickly enough…which means I eat MORE.


I like the Target grape the best too.


Manny, ReliOn are my favorite!!! I loved the BD’s but like you said… too hard to punch out when your shaky. I get the fruit punch flavor!!! MMMMM… good


I like the Relion English Toffee. But if I can get some juice or Welch’s fruit snacks, I will do these first. But there are times, like last night while I was at a restaraunt with a 30 minute wait & no food (by blood sugar was 53!) that the english toffee tabs come in really handy.


I too had never heard of them til my Dr told me to ask about them at my pharmacy so that’s what I did on the last month’s refil of meds ( up til then I drank water with 2 ts of sugar in it). I found the gernic brand in Super D which is Select brand in rasberry. Ask your pharmist about them if your Dr. or diabetic mamager has not said anything to you about them.


My first experience with glucose tabs were the horrible ones from BD. It turned me off from using them for years. When I was extremely low they would actually make me feel worse. Last year I bought a tube of grape flavored tablets from Walgreens, since I like artificially flavored grape things (I don’t know why). I thought they were great so that’s what I get now, except I get them from CVS because they carry big refill bottles of 50. I’ve also tried watermelon which are okay, but grape is my favorite.

I try to use them for lows when I can instead of using it as an excuse to eat candy. Even though I like the grape tabs, I’m still not tempted to snack on them so I know I won’t over treat a low.


I used to buy the Dex-4 but I’m switching to Walmart’s Reli-On brand. They seem to be exactly the same except for name & price. I always carry a refillable tube of 10 in my shirt pocket. I keep a bottle of 50 at my work desk & in my car, plus a tube of 10 in the lab at work. Yes, the chalky taste is sorta yucky (cough, cough), but it definitely eliminates for me the temptation of good-tasting sweets. My life is busy and puts me in many places. It really is a plus to have those easy-to-carry, low-profile sugar backup.


I’m a fan of the generic grape tabs also (I’ve only found them at Walgreens). While they’re not delicious, I like that they kick in fast and I tend to not overtreat my lows so much. I’m not too fond of artificial flavors, and these are the only glucose tabs I’ve found so far that don’t seem to have them.


try the toffee flavored ones or the watermelon ones