Change in (Long term Type 1 Diabetics) Insulin Regimen

I used the same insulin for nineteen years (R and NPH). Seven years ago I decided to go on the pump (which brought along Novolog). Has anyone experienced different symptoms (lost or gained) with their low and high blood sugars after a change of insulin?

Also, if you have changed the delivery method of your insulin (MDI to Pump), have you experienced any overall body changes for better or worse?

Change: MDI to pump after 9 years.
Insulin: No more Lantus - only Humalog.
Experience: Fewer highs (>140) and lows (<60). Weight gain (the good kind…mostly muscle). Better teeth and gums health.

Hi Danny,
Back when I was still on NPH and Regular, I had totally lost my hypo awareness. Within a month or so of going on Humalog, I regained it…in fact, I’m so aware now that I know as soon as I get down to 70 that I’m starting to go low.

On the negative side, since I started pumping, I’ve gained weight in my abdomen (while not gaining weight overall), and I can’t seem to get rid of it. :frowning:


Actually after reading this I had similar experiences as both of you(Danny and Dave) with Regular and NPH…low symptoms of sweating and shakes really bad where it was horribly embarrassing if I was out in public and scary. Using Novolog now and for the past several years I also notice more headaches and visual changes when low. I also get kind of relaxed and funny. Every time I get my husband cracking up laughing at something his first question is “Are you low?” I say, "Can’t I be funny when I’m not low!?? But I’ll do a blood test to see and he’s usually right(but not always!! :0) ). I also seem to get much lower on Novolog before noticing symptoms.

When I changed from R and NPH to Humalog and Lantus I lowered my A1c. Then I had too many nightly lows. I would wake in the middle of the night, once or twice a week sitting on the floor in my kitchen eating left over spaghetti I got from the fridge or wake up with my roommate’s oreo cookie crumbs in my teeth and not remember eating them. The doctor changed me to Humalog and Levimir and then I lost weight and lowered my A1c even more because I had better control. Not on the pump yet.

I’ve not noticed much change in low or high symptoms… changes in frequency of lows, sure :slight_smile:

I went from R and N to Lantus and Humalog and lost weight (no longer “feeding” my insulin constantly - though looking back I clearly realize I was taking way too much), but the loss was fairly subtle, over 6 months (I lost maybe 15lbs over that time). Went to pumping insulin and lost a bit more (about 10lbs over another 6 months). Switched to Novolog, weight stayed steady for almost 3 years.

My thyroid problems began in 2004… I lost a TON of weight without trying that summer and I’ve flip-flopped from hyper to hypo more times than I care to count, and I seem to be fully hypo now due to Hashimoto’s… and I blame that for any weight gain/loss more than insulin type. I seem to be holding steady at a weight I am not happy with… and no matter what I try my weight doesn’t budge. It’s super frustrating.

I’m about to add either metformin or Symlin to try to reduce my insulin usage to hopefully aid in losing some weight… without compromising my control :slight_smile:

I don’t notice changes in symptoms based on the insulin and I’ve tried a lot of different types…I haven’t had strong physical symptoms for lows on a regular basis in years … since maybe elementary school… I do experience different symptoms, but this has been while using the same type of insulin and same regime (MDI or pumping). For me what I was doing previously (if I had been low earlier in the day, hadn’t eaten that much, exercised a lot) and what I’m currently doing seems to have more of an impact on the symptoms I get than which insulin…

Switching to a pump brought less bruising, but more scarring and tears from the adhesives

More than with a pump, I’ve found that symlin has made things less extreme/more smooth…though it also makes me want to get a pump again cause combo/wave bolus would work much better.

I have been diabetic for 40yrs. and like you I was on NPH or Lente and regular insulin until about 9 years ago. I used to shoot 2 times per day, but when I was changed to Novolog and Lantus, I had to shoot 4x per day. The weight gain was unbelievable (40lbs.) I have been thinking about going on the pump, but I understand that it is expensive.

Being on NPH and Regular was a rollercoaster although I miss the fact that I only shot 2x perday. With Humalog, I don’t have to shoot if I don’t eat and I like that because there are fewer lows and there is better control.