About 2-3 years ago I had to start decreasing my insulin, based on blood sugars. I was in the hospital last summer 4 of 5 months for basically non-diabetes reasons as my insulin needs kept lowering. 3 years ago, I was taking 12units of Lantus twice a day and 6-10 units humalog, in divided doses, as needed. After 43 tears, I manage my diabetes quite different than the norm, but my a1c’s have remained in the upper 6’s to lower 7’s. At this time I am taking 3-4 units Lantus in a.m. and 0-3 units in the p.m. I may take up to 4 units of Humalog ( usually less ) never taking more than 1 and a half units at one time. It’s scarey, I have had blood sugar over 400, taken 1 unit and an hour later been in the 70’s! Also I usually had reactions 3-4 times a year ( BS’s below 60 ), now I have BS’s as low as 20 and with few symptoms and I just take care of it by myself! I’ve checked these with a 2nd glucometer. I havn’t had an insulin reaction where I needed help in 20 years! The norm is to get insulin resistance- not me! I was labeled " Brittle" before I left the hospital 43 years ago, but this is flat out weird. My Endocrinologist hasn’t a clue. Anyone else experience anything similar?

I agree to your comments, but just can’t understand the insulin change I’ve had! I am now taking less than one/sixth of the insulin I was taking 3 years ago. I’m almost afraid to take any Humalog! It’s like having to start over managing my BS. I can think of no reason for the change. My weight, bowel and bladder have remained steady, no changes in blood work and I’m as handsome as ever! ( Humor and wit and my golden retriever- the diabetic’s best friends ). January 6 2010, my 43rd -anniversary, and still avoiding my 3 biggest concerns - not losing my sight, not losing a limb and not going on dialysis!
Happy Holidays-Bud

Have they done an ultrasound on your liver and pancreas? my uncle had a similar problem and they found an abnormality on the ultrasound.

I was told that I was Brittle when I was in my 20’s. Turns out the Endo didn’t know “my case”. I’m not just another Diabetic. We are all different. I figured my regimen out by myself.

That is unusual what you are experiencing alright. That’s a big drop of TDD. Eating less carbs/smaller food portions, exercising more, losing weight, drinking more water, etc. are the usual ways that decrease many Diabetics TDD. Some drugs/suppliments(sp) supposedly can lower our Insulin dosage also. Pumping can be a benefit there also.

I do hope that you find out what is causing this. I vaguely remember another Person having the same story on another site but I don’t think theyhad it figured out. You feel your lows less because of Hypo Unawareness.

Hey, nothing wrong with being handsome. :smiley: Humour and Pets bring down stress and calm a Person which is Good all around. Best medicine. They work for me. Of course, I’m probably not as good-loooking as you are. A cross that I must carry. :slight_smile: Merrry Christmas!!

D.D Flack, I had an E.R.C.P. less than a year ago and they cleared out a narrowed liver tubual, but time wise, it didn’t coinside with all this. My sister has at least temporary diabetes after cancerous surgery, shots once a day and husband has been giving shots. For Christmas, I got her a couple grapefruit and a bag of syringes to practice on. I can still remember 43 years ago, the nurse came in with a tray with 2 grapefruit and some other stuff. I thought I’d had enough bad stuff happen, but now Iwas going to have to eat grape fruit too!

Hope you don’t mind a personal medical question. Have you ever been given gamma globulin? I’m asking because someone I know with diabetes for decades took gamma globulin for a non-diabetes problem. While on this & for several months after, his insulin needs dropped tremendously. Though anecdotal, he’s convinced gamma globulin somehow recharged the beta cells he thought long dead. It seemed to be the only explanation. His insulin doses were greatly reduced, he wasn’t exercising, he had frequent low lows & nothing else was different.

You do not mention your age or gender. If you were diagnosed at age 6 or 7, and were female, it could be a post-menopausal thing!

Interesting, I’ve been tested long ago and was told that I had no IGA factor, plus a few sub-catagorie factors. Since the last 20 years I’m told that I just have a very low amount of IGA and some others, so around 15 years ago they ( Immunology Specialist) had my doctor give me some IGg per IV hoping that it might possibly help reduce frequent upper and lower respiratory infections. I had 2 a week apart which each bag had to be infused at 30-40 cc/hr because I had bad respiratory reaction. They also gave me a small amount of steroid. It turned out the wrong product was ordered and this had a very small amount of IGa in it which caused me to react. The right stuff infused fine, but after 6 times there seemed to be no improvement so they stopped. The past 5 years I’ve had less frequent infections but if it gets into lungs it can be bad. Some of my doctors including Endocrinologist don’t feel my diabetes has any genetic/hereditary basis but was caused by a single occurance of a goofed up immune system attacking my Beta cells. No one prior known to have diabetes, I have 7 siblings, 3 kids and 7 absolutely adorable grand kids, none with diabetes. Wish I’d known this before I spent 30 years worrying about passing it on. Hope this made some sense! My decrease in insulin still has me baffled, at times it’s like I have to learn some things that haved changed all over again. 1 doctor told me she was sure that my name and the word " normal" are never used in the same sentence! BUD

Bud what you’re experiencing is called AGING. I’ve had T1 for 50 years and as I’ve aged I’m more sensitive to insulin. I was also called Brittle when I was a child and as a young adult and also told I was insulin resistant. Those are just labels they gave us years ago, forget it! Those were the dark ages when they didn’t have the understanding of today.

Also as I’ve aged I became hypo unaware and thanks to technology am able to control my unawareness by using an insulin pump…boy do I love technology!!!

June, I’m male, 56, and recieved this “gift” at age 13.Halsey is predominately a male name but not always. Betty, I’m definitely aging but so not being “insulin resistent”. Over the last 2 years I’ now taking less than one-sixth of the insulin Iwas and I don’t get low sugar syptoms until lower BS’s but havn’t had a reaction for over 15 years. I’m getting BS’s in the 20’s and 30’s and fully functional with few symptoms and don’t need any help. What’s next and what’s positive or negative. Max doesn’t have a clue!

I know that there are some types of MODY that cause these very sudden changes in blood sugar. With some types of MODY, the person still produces insulin. You may want to research MODY, which is a set of rare types of diabetes that are highly genetic.

Halsey, Have you heard of insulinomas?
I fear for your treating those 20s all by yourself. This is where the law of small numbers fits: small carbs, small insulin dose: should result in fewer hypos. If it doesn’t, perhaps the Endo will think of it if he sees a record of your daily/hourly blood glucose testing numbers along with what insulin you gave. The insulin is coming from somewhere.

Great to hear from you Kristin, I hope you get this because I’ve tried 2 times and my computer keeps messing up. My wife and I love to travel and will do so as soon as I finish my book or win the Lotto. I’d love to hear about Hungary, my Endo was originally from Iran, then got her doctorate in France then did her residence and her Specialty at UofM ( Yeh-Wolverines ). I love spending 10-15 minutes at my appointments learning so much about her background. All we hear of Iran is whats on the news, it’s neat to hear things like they have shopping malls, libraries,etc. We are now Mormon ( yes, I only have 1 wife–just a joke) when he was 19 he was a wonderful thoughtful young boy. Then he spent 2 years in Mexico as a missionary and came home a thoughtful, responsible, mature young man. He and family are now in St. Louis, Mo on a Fellowship program for his Doctorate in Eng/Lit at Washington U. I have 3 grown kids and 7 unbelievable grandkids! I will write you more soon, such as I am a RN currently on disability, I spent 10 years “working” as a nurse at the State prison in Jackson,etc. At this time I’m spending a lot of time at the hospital with one of my sisters who’s pancreatic cancer,which was removed, has metastasized to her liver, with a very poor prognosis.

Betty I love it that I haven’t had a reaction in over 15 years, but no idea why I now have had sugars in the teens and still concious and eat spoonfuls of sugar washed down by orange juice. Tese I double check with a different glucometer! I’m baffled and so is my Endo.

Because your Endo and others in the medical field are baffled proves they still don’t know all there is to know. It’s an ongoing education and no matter how long we live we won’t know it all but one thing we have on the Medical experts, we know what it’s like to live with our disease and they don’t.

Kristin, I’m assuming none of my replies got back to you. I got my computer updated so maybe this will work. It’s been the worst start to a year since 1967 when a family friend ( nurse) sat on my bed and said, " Buddy, you’ve got Sugar! Yep, Sugar Diabetes!" 3 weeks ago my sister ( and a best friend) lost her 5 month battle with Pancreatic Ca. which spread to her liver and I’m still trying to come to grips with it! No matter what, she was never more than a phone call away. During all this time I was having pretty severe R. flank pain that kept getting worse, but ignored because I wanted to be with my sister. 10 days after she passed I went to ER and had my gall bladder out. They told me I shouldn’t have waited, it was very swollen and filled with sludge. Probably due to the stress my insulin needs went up, but are now getting back to the smaller amount I’ve been trying to regulate. This drop in insulin definitely isn’t " insulin production or MODY ", I discussed with my endocrinologist ( originally from Iran ). Thanks for writing, would love to hear about treatment where you are!

Sorry my computer’s be acting out, but glad to hear from you. My Endo. ( she ) gets computer readout off of my Accu-Chek and I also keep tabs on insulin and food intake. 5 months of watching a sister ( a great friend ) lose her battle of pancreatic,then liver cancer, plus putting off having gall bladder removed, raised my insulin needs but is now back to weird decreased amounts. good to hear from you Bud & Max

So sorry to learn of the passing of your sister Halsey. In times of family we do tend to put our focus on what’s happening and what’s to come…take care.