Insulin Tests

I was asked by a trusted endo to take place in a new insulin, SIBA, offered by Novo Nordisk. It would replace my Lantus with SIBA with the same dosage. I was also to replace my sliding scale Humalog with Novolog. Dosages would not change.
A little bit of money, close monitoring and all supplies were offered.
After less than a week 911 was called because I was unresponsive at 2 am with a blood sugar of 32.
I was eventually ok, but scared, and have gone back to my old insulin products.
My blood sugars were sort of all over the place during this time, and with my long term previous insulin products I’d had very good control.
Anyone else have insulin test stories?

Wow, that’s scary! Glad you’re ok now! I had similar problems but with Lantus when I tried it years ago before going on the insulin pump. Maybe I didn’t give it long enough because I think I had only used it a couple of weeks but I had a similar type of low but I was alone. Luckily I wasn’t asleep like you were. The low came on much more suddenly and without much warning then with any other insulin I had used before and it scared me pretty bad. I remember lying on the couch feeling like I was going to die and trying to get myself to the kitchen and get to the refrigerator for something to bring it up. After that incident I immediately made an appt. with my Endo. and said I wanted to go back on my old insulin again. I was too afraid to stay on the Lantus. But not everyone reacts the same with different types of insulins. What works for one person may not work for someone else.