Change the name of T1 or T2?

There has been much talk that we need to change the name of diabetes…..which one; Type 1 or Type 2?….well THAT is the question.

Some comments heard here and there:
“They are completely different, they need different names.”
“The complications are identical, well close enough.”
“Well Type 2 can be avoided, they should not be lumped together.”
“Type 1 could not be avoided and should not be just diabetes.”

Okay….okay…slowwwwwww down........
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I disagree on one point. Type 2 Diabetes can not ALWAYS be prevented. I am proof of that.
I was always active, and slim, ate decent food. Still got it. I was laso told once I was finally diagnosed that I could slow it down... nope. My pancrease decided to quit one day. Again I look after myself well. I think diabetes is just a different disease depending on whose body it is in.

i agree about t1 & t2 having a different name.

my simple thoughts : " explain to those you are with/audience , how Your diabetes effects YOU "

I'm with karebear....if you're "wired" for diabetes, regardless of the type, it'll usually rear up its ugly head and catch up to you. I too am proof of that...thin...always fit yada yada yada, BUT guess what....those darn genes!
As well, I agree with Nel....educate & advocate. The fact that the names are changed is not going to alter much. There will always be the confused, mislead, and the blatantly ignorant!