Diabetes by any other name

Over the past week, the media has been busy discussing the “war between Type1 and Type2s”. Supposedly there has been a hot debate raging regarding changing the name of Type 1 diabetes to any but diabetes. They say that some people with Type 1 diabetes feel that they are wrongfully lumped in with the stereotypes of people with Type 2 diabetes and that it becomes more difficult to lobby for cure funding.

The more I thought about this, the more I began to wonder, what's in a name? Before it was called Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, we had Juvenile and Adult Onset Diabetes. When my son was first diagnosed I definitely wanted a different name. My son's diabetes was nothing like your grandmother's diabetes that she was diagnosed with when she turned 70. My son did not get diabetes from eating too many chocolate bars when he was one. My son would not be "cured" by eating well, exercising and losing 50 pounds...he was less than 20 pounds when he was diagnosed and believe me when I say he didn't have an ounce of fat to spare....
To continue reading my thoughts on the great name debate please go to http://diabetesadvocacycom.blogspot.com/2010/11/diabetes-by-any-other-name.html

I think we should stick with Diabetes 1 and 2. I would hate to see research money split as surely whether diabetes 2 does or does not get more research money than diabetes 1 it is relatively irrelevant. Any research into how the pancreas does or doesn’t work is likely to throw up information on either type. The same as for cancer, I rarely give to breast cancer, prefer to give my money to cancer research.

It’s STILL diabetes which we all must learn to live with!