Switching from Lantus to Levemir

Hi, I’ve been referred to a pump clinic (who knows how long that’ll take…) but in the meantime my doctor has prescribed me levemir instead of lantus. I’m currently taking 2 split does of lantus a day (14-16u) at about 12:00 and 00:00. The doctor said I should try 18u of Levemir at 8am and 14u at 8pm. Any thoughts on how I should make the change? Is it ok to have both Lantus and Levemir active in my system at the same time?

In the transition phase to Levemir I expect a higher likelyhood of lows due to lantus that is still present - even in tiny amounts. You should increase your testing frequency and it would be good to test at night also (around 3 am).

Hi Bananagirl. For the first day on Levemir, you might lower the doses to 17u and 13u and keep testing. When I switched, I found the old Lantus lasted for 24-36 hours, but I understand it can be much longer for some people.

Although my Endo told me that it is 1:1, I noticed that I needed a few units less in the a.m. dose.