Changing insulins during a disaster

Dr. Stephen Ponder, T1D, Sugar Surfing author, pediatric endocrinologist and diabetes advocate detected a need for an insulin reference that could be used by doctors and patients caught up in natural disasters like hurricanes. Due to the supply chaos that a natural disaster can introduce, people with diabetes and doctors on the scene are faced with making insulin substitutions with what is available. What was needed was a concise and accurate substitution guide.

Dr. Ponder explains how this guide was generated by dedicated professionals:

With this idea, I immediately reached out to a good friend and colleague, Barbara Kocurek PharmD, CDE with Baylor Scott and White Healthcare in Dallas. Barb and her incredible team of Texas-based diabetes educators came up with a brief, to-the-point handout in just a matter of days. They continue to refine it and it is now before an Endocrine Society subcommittee to validate it even further.

Follow the above link to The Sugar Surfing website and you’ll find a link to pdf file. You’ll also find a link to a Spanish language version that TuD Community Leader, @Mila helped produce.

What would you do if your usual insulin was not available?


We just had a major earthquake in this city, we’re still under a lot of stress and chaos. Unfortunately we are running out of insulins as most damaged areas requested insulins. Now there are few vials left. Some of us are already preparing a plan B for switching insulins, this has been discussed in many groups in my country and definitely Stephens Ponder guide might be useful :slight_smile:

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With so many disasters lately (Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands hurricanes followed by huge fires in California), I had forgotten about the devastating recent earthquake in Mexico City. Good luck to you and all those in your country who face an insulin shortage.

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Gracias dear @Terry4 we will keep our eyes wide open to avoid health issues. Yes, this has been a complicated couple of months :frowning:

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