Changing Lancets for Blood Tests


No matter how people change their lancets, I cringe reading about and seeing lancing fingerTIPS. The blood sample is just as accurate, and less neuro disruption using the sides of fingers. Maybe this is what you all mean anyway.


Maybe the sides work well for you but not for me, pain wise


People change their lancets? TIL

@Dave44 I have the same issue: lancing the sides of the fingers for me is far, far more painful than on the pads.

Yep, or when the wife goes: “Hey, do you ever change those things?” Which happens every couple of months.


Well, this forum has definitely taught me everybody’s different, but sometimes it seems a miracle that there are even any two PWDs who react remotely similarly to anything.


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone’s diabetes WERE the same… then both the medical community and we diabetics would have a much, much easier time of figuring out how to stay in control and how to understand… and find a cure for… all types of diabetes! For now, we just muddle along as best we can.


Shhhh! I don’t think my wife knows anything about “changing lancets” – don’t need ANOTHER thing for her to remind me about… :grimacing: