How often do you change you lancet?

I was just wondering how often you change your lancets? I find myself not remembering to change them until the make a slash in my finger. I am the only one who uses it and when I check someone else’s sugar I always change it before and after. Just wondering how often everyone checks it.

When it no longer breaks skin… :slight_smile:

Not very often at all. Maybe once every two weeks if I remember?!

i change mine about every 20-25 times i use it … or when it starts to hurt!

When it starts to feel like it is actually sticking in my finger and is hard to pull out I change it.

Agh. I’m pretty lazy about this - every two or three days - wheneer I remember. I test 6-10 times per day.

Maybe every 3 months or so.

Ditto to what you said. The only reason I can even remember the last time I changed my lancet is because I just did it yesterday. :smiley: - We tested my little brother-in-laws sugar because he’s been in some trial thing since he was born, so I changed it before and after too. :slight_smile:

when I remember that its a consumable. Last time I actually changed was around the first week of January. I test 3 to 5 times per day. I have been planning to change it out as it has gotten a bit painful, and the blood is not flowing as easy now.

When I was a kid I changed it every time. Of course back then I also use alcohol swabs every time as well. 8^)


I test 10 times a day, and I change it when it starts to hurt, so usually every week or so.

Ha! The doc 'fesses up. I love it.

… and the joke is…" We’re supposed to change it?"

Last time for me was mid-October and test maybe 4 times a day. I also use a CGMS.

Are we supposed to change it ourselves LOL. I change lancets whenever, like you I’m the only user.

Usually, I remove and dispose of the used lancet after I have gotten a reliable reading (sometimes this will require two or three sticks, and occasionally two strips, on fingertip and forearm). If I’m out for the day and it looks like I’m short on lancets in my meter case (“short” = less than 6 or 7), I’ll keep the used lancet in the lancing device through two or three separate tests. It will be capped and disposed of by the time I get home, or shortly afterwards.

Okay glad Im not the only one who doesn’t change it as much as I should. Although Im about to get up right now ad do it because it has gotten to the point where it doesn’t even penetrate the skin. opps Just have to remember where I stashed the extras… hummmm

Not nearly as often as I should! I change when I find that it a) hurts b) doesn’t draw blood or c) I remember that I’m actually supposed to change it at a convenient time when I’m feeling like being productive.

Depending on a number of factors, most of which I have not been able to discern, there are times when even a brand-new 30ga lancet will hurt, and times when a 25ga lancet will not draw blood. In the second case, it’s usually due to me being extremely cold, and everything kind of drawing in on itself. Still not able to figure out the first, though.

Usually once a month. Like you, I change it before and
after I test someone else. Ha! Lis and Steve and Betty. :smiley:

You are very funny! :smiley:

Ironically, this is very close to what I do. :stuck_out_tongue:

I still have boxes from three insurance plans ago…!