How often do you change your lancet?

Ever since I was diagnosed (in 1986) I was told to use a new lancet each time I test. Recently, I began testing more since I started pumping–up from 3-4 to 6-8 times a day at the most. My endo changed my test strip prescription, but said that I didn’t need my lancet script updated–I could use one lancet per day instead of changing it. I’d never heard this was an okay thing to do! I also went to a pump group meeting at my endo’s and asked the other diabetics what they were told/usually did. Their fingers told the story of using a single lancet until blood wouldn’t come out or it hurt too much! I couldn’t believe it! How often do you guys switch??

You mean you can change those things???

Oh my god! You’re another that never changes! Am I the only one who ever changes these things EVERY SINGLE TIME?!

I change daily and I test 3 to 5 times a day. Once daily is sufficient for me.

I changed my this morning after I scoured the closet to find the still full box from 2 yrs ago!

I used to change with every stick until my pump trainer told me that it was fine to change 1x per day which for me is about 10 sticks.


Until I can’t get blood any more sums up my approach.

I used to, in the beginning… but honestly, it’s a waste of money. There is no need to change it every time, so long as you are the only one who uses it, and you wash your hands every time. Changing it once a day, or even once a week, or once every new box of strips is fine. I know they try to fear monger with the “change it every time,” thing… but that’s just something the big pharma people push… you know, cus they want your money. Even in articles by Children with Diabetes, and Joslin… they have said it is just fine to reuse lancets within reason… and they don’t go horribly dull immediately… You can get a few uses out of them just fine before you flinch.

My meter holds a drum of 17 stripes, so I change the lancet when I change a drum. Which is about every 5 days.

I change it when I can’t easily get blood any more or it’s getting painful. Average about 8 lancets a year probably.

I think I’m going to have to jump on the bandwagon here! I guess I never even considered not switching because it was just what I was told to do and I have pretty good insurance, but insurance or not, it is still sort of a waste of money if you can use them more than once! Or for a week! I don’t usually wash my hands before I test though, just rub a dry tissue over the finger tip. Do the people who reuse their strips wash their hands every time they test too?

Thanks for the info! I’m going to have to try this–maybe just two sticks at first… :slight_smile:

lol i change at daylight savings time. or once a year, whatever comes first!! lmao
seriously you have to do what works for you.there is nothing wrong with changing 5 times a day if you want.

I was diagnosed just over a year ago, and I’m one to change it after every test, very rarely will I use the same lancet for two or even three tests. Depending on how tight I want to control my diabetes, I’ll check from two to five times a day, even though my doctor said that twice a day was enough. I will not use the same lancet the following day though. If I use the same lancet I have a rule that it has to be within the same day. I know that it’s an extra expense, but I rather pay the extra $6.00 and besides, I want to feel as little pain as possible when I test. So to me, the extra expense is worth my confort.

Despite the fact I am rather lax on changing lancets, I wash every time I test unless it’s just impossible. I am more worried about something on my fingers causing and error in my readings, but it may help a little as far as infection. I read somewhere that your skin is populated by friendly germs that are adapted to this very environment and so crowd out the germs that might cause harm.

I would be curious, has anyone has experienced an infection from testing?

Wash my hands before every use, yup… Or at least, use an alcohol swab when I can’t wash.

I change my lancet once a week and will use one pen needle per day…which is about 4 shots. Never one infection ever.

Every 1,000 miles. If I remember.

I rarely change them too, I try to do it every other day.

I go back and forth from rarely changing them to only using them once. I have to admit that I am only using them once lately, to try to get through the callous on My finger better. I only use the side of 2 fingers so they have really thick callouses, and I need a sharp lancet to go through it as I test a lot.