Lancet use

Just wondering how many times you use your lancets before you replace them. I know that the boxes say to use a new one each time, but I also know from talking to other diabetics that they sometimes use them till “they are so dull they hurt.” Any advice? They aren’t that expensive (particularly in comparison to strips) but any time you can save some money in today’s economy you need to.

I use them a couple times. They really dull out after a couple uses…at least for me. I do make sure I keep it covered all the time.

I go in cycles… I’ll go a few weeks without changing it, then I’ll change it three times in a week. But certainly not each time!

It’s not a matter of cost for me, it’s a matter of convenience. If I need to test discreetly, it’s much easier to just reset the spring on the lancer than to take it apart, put in a new lancet, dispose of the old one, reassemble it, etc.

For me, it’s the same philosophy with the insulin pen (when I used them). The whole concept of a pen is suppsed to make it convenient, right? Well, if you carry around extra pen needles, plus a way to dispose of used ones, the whole convenience concept is lost.

I don’tresuse often…I have very sensitve skin and know immediately if I foget to change. I try to change right after each test so a new oneis on the poker ready for use.

I want to say I heard this one from Kerri at six until me: “about as often as I change my clocks.”

I could go the rest of my life just using the little lancet bags that come with new meters without ever having to actually buy a box of lancets. I just don’t ever change them. It’s nothing to do with cost or money saving because they’re not expensive. I’m just lazy, and that’s a corner I can cut without compromisng my diabetes management. I did actually buy a box though maybe six months ago with the intent of trying to change it a little more often, but it’s siting in the back of a drawer, untouched. It just doesn’t bother me, and I’ve never had any problems.

I have this crazy cleaning thing. Every night before I go to bed I clean off each table, make sure chairs and cushions are in the correct position, sweep or lightly vacuum the floor and clean off every cabinet and stove surface in the kitchen. It is after this I check my blood sugar and shoot the last shot of insulin before going to bed. I refill my pack and also replace my lancet.that i have used all day. It is just a matter of habit. I place all used syringes in my sharps container and have everythihg in order for the next day. I think this has more to do with the lifetime habits of raising 5 children and making sure everything is in order so we don’t have to run around the next morning trying to find things.before school and work. I just this minute realized I treat my diabetes routine like a normal part of life. I guess I have just learned something about myself.

The accu check multiclix lancing device came with my meter … I love it! it comes with a drum that has lancets in it and you just turn it after each use…the cost is comparable with regular lancets…the thing is , I’ve had it about 2 months and have only turned the drum once so I’m on my second lancet! LOL …When it gets too dull and hurts I’ll turn it again. I think there are 10 to a drum and 12 drums to a box (120) if I use one lancet per month I should get 10 years out of a box! LOL (YES I admit it…I AM THAT CHEAP!) a little lazy too. I also find myself going longer between pen needle changes.

I change it once a month since about 1988. I’ve never had a problem. Mine are covered so expense isn’t the issue.

I don’t think I’ve changed mine since 1988! lol Just kidding! I started using the Ultra Link meter with my pump about a week and a half ago so that was a new lancet. Before that…sheesh, couldn’t tell you. A few times a year at best. HOWEVER, with that being said, not that it makes it any better, but I do wash or sanitize my hands before each stick.

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I’m personally in the group that can say “not very often”— probably twice a year?? If you’re going to save money on supplies this should be the first step!!