Changing requirements after gastric bypass


Hi, my name is Paul and I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes 15 years ago. I use a pump utilizing U-500 which has allowed me to keep my A1C in the lower 6 range. Recently I had a gastric sleeve bypass after dis using the option with my endocrinologist. I have reduced my basal rate by 68% and blouses are down approx 80% (mainly due to minimization of carbs in my diet after surgery). I found this forum just recently as I have been researching changes to my regimen post surgery. I look forward to learning from everyone and hope I can contribute as well.

If you’re new to the community, please introduce yourself!

Paul, congratulations on your effort and progress.


I also had gastric sleeve march 9, 2019, immediately after surgery my blood glucose came down and now 46 days later my A1c is 6.6. Best thing I ever did for my diabetes. Hugs Roxi

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Post surgery, with weight loss do you have a support group you can be in? That would be helpful. Welcome to this site. Good luck ! Nancy50