Metabolic Surgery to Treat Diabetes- Stories/Outcomes

I am new to this site, am type 2 LT, in my mid 40's, and have severe diabetes. I am scheduled for RNY Gastric Bypass for Jan 29/14. I have a BMI of 30 and am using 500 units of insulin (Humalog & NPH), metformin and other meds for high blood pressure and angina. I Have trialed every med/therapy out there including a pump/CGM. Everything works for a short period of time and then my IR increases and I have to try something else, vicious cycle. The doctors now say they have nothing else to offer except surgery. I am looking to see if other people on this site have had metabolic surgery or going to have it. If you would share your experiences/stories that would be helpful.

What type of dietary therapy are you on?

Oops I guess I am not good at this blog stuff yet- sent my message to your page I think Lorrie. Anyways, for others I am on a form of the ketogenic diet and fasting. I fast for 3 days when my sugars are thru the roof (above 32.0 mml/L). DO NOT do this if you haven't got medical approval to do it. I do and I have done pretty much all the diets out there for diabetes, carb counting, carb reduction, glycemic index, bernstein, high protein. The diet is very restrictive already so that is not what will help me with getting the RNY Gastric Bypass. Its the way the intestines work in combination with the pancreas and other ways the docs don't even understand, that will hopefully make the difference. I will keep you all posted on how I do afterwards.

Went for my Pre-Admission Clinic yesterday- all went good and I am set for next Wednesday's surgery. The docs say they are doing the RNYGB but if they find I have too much adhesions (which is a strong possibility) they will elect to do the gastric sleeve then. I am not convinced that the sleeve will help much but maybe it will change incretins enough to make a difference- that is, if they go that route. I am hoping I get the RNY and it makes significant changes to my diabetes control! I will keep you guys posted on my progress, maybe it will offer help to other diabetics that are not well controlled with the typical medical management too.

Thinking about you! Praying for a speedy recovery!

Thanks Lorrie! I had my surgery and am at home recuperating now. It was a tough go with pain (cuz am allergic to pain meds and couldn't take much at all-pain was bad). Now I am on full fluids and trying to get enough intake in and protein to heal. GOOD blood sugars have responded AMAZINGLY! I am on small amount of NPH-cut my insulins by 100's of units and half the Metformin pre-surgery! I have a bit of stabilizing to do- have ran around 6-12 mostly, haven't been that low in years! I am amazed so far and very happy I did it. Time will tell for sure but I would recommend this surgery to any diabetic with complications, it may well give them a second chance.

So pleased to hear your good news!! Keep us posted!

Update, I am now close to 8 months post op- amazing Diabetes results! I am OFF all insulin and only take 1500 mg of Metformin daily for it. Also take Coversyl and wide range of multi-vitamins, calcium, magnesium, Vit-d and pain meds. I have almost normal blood sugars the majority of the time. I continue to loose weight, I am now at my goal safe weight, if I continue to loose then I am in trouble. Downside: I have developed a constellation of symptoms I call "episodes" that have kinda taken over my life. The docs think it is a Dysautonomia or something has gone fritzy with my autonomic nervous system- they still don't know what to do about it though. It has very much debilitated me though! If you are a positive thinker and you have tons of hope and you have severe diabetes, this surgery maybe the answer but it comes with lots of struggles and challenges. You have to be up to the test before taking the plunge! In hind sight would I do it again, at this point I would say Maybe Yes, but my answer is getting less positive every month that goes by. However, I likely wouldn't be here now if I hadn't done it either!