Charging my Tandem pump on the road

I’m sure I could RTFM to find the answer and I could call Tandem and “press 1 for…” but I’m also sure I’ll find the answer here, faster! So…

Every once in a while, I get behind in my morning routine and it isn’t till I’m ready to dash out the door late for class that I notice I need to charge the pump, to be on the safe side throughout the day.

I understand that a little more self-discipline would help! :laughing: Pls don’t bother telling me that’s the right answer! I’m asking my question cuz Id like an answer to it whether or not I avail myself of the answer down the road!

Would it work to just plug the charging cord into the USB port on my car’s dashboard, or MUST I plug the cord into the gizmo Tandem sent me, and then plug the gizmo into a standard wall socket? I usually assume any manufacturer that gives me a gizmo does so because that gizmo does something magic to the electrons coming out of the wall into my device and my device wont charge without using the gizmo!

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I use a cigarette lighter usb adapter with no issues and no I don’t use the Tandem plug, just a basic USB cord is all you need.

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Thanks Jim. I’m glad to know it can work without frying the pump!

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That’s really not true. USB charging systems are really standardized. That’s kind of the entire point of them. There are some differences in quality and whether or not the cable you use can pass data, but if it fits, it will charge. (Nearly. Some really weak portable battery packs won’t be acknowledged by the pump, but you will get minimal charge increase eventually.)

You can pretty much plug it into anything that supplies power to a micro-usb cable, like your car, computer, cell phone charger, solar pack, etc…

Ok…shows what I know! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. Thx.

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@Tom_in_SC as @Jim26 and @Robyn_H mentioned in the car your basic USB plug in will work. Alternatively, a well charged USB battery pack will also work for mobility ( I shove mine in my pocket for 30 minutes or so and go about my day). When travelling, I use any USB port I can find, they will all work as long as I have a cord is long enough to accommodate my needs.

I use my car usb all the time for charging my pump

I have a small USB battery pack. Fits in my pocket so I can charge my pump anywhere. One cable (USB-A to micro-USB) to charge the pump or reverse it to charge the battery pack from any USB-A source.

Something like this.