Electrical Backup for Tandem Pump

Hi. I wear a Tandem pump and would like to have an electrical backup in case power should fail.
Since I live in the Pacific NW, with many cloudy days, I would not like to rely on a device that is solar charged.
I am unclear what specs I should be looking for to make sure it is compatible with my pump.
I would appreciate any thoughts from folks who already have purchased something and/or know how to match a portable power bank that would charge a pump a few times. Nothing too expensive, please. Thank you!

Any cheap phone charger will work. Just get one that has usb.
I use one small cord to charge it then flip it around to charge.

Besides you can always charge it in your car if you need to.
I have a charger cable in my car and at work.

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Probably the best thing is a backup battery pack that has a USB output such as this one.

It will charge through a regular USB wall chIarger and then you can charge and power the pump with it.

There are a lot of these pocket battery packs available I have one on my desk that I would use to keep my iPhone running when bicycling with the display locked on. It is 5,200mA, The one I pictured is about twice that at 10,000mA. That might be enough to charge your tandem pump.

I don’t know if this is the best one,It is relatively inexpensive at $19.99 at Amazon. You could look around at Batteries Plus, Best Buy or Office Depot.

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Thank you. It looks like this might be easier than I thought.


I just found this TuDiabetes thread on the question. It confirms my suspicions that the pump battery is quite small and most of these battery packs with be able to do multiple charges.

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Luis, that’s great. I tried to see if someone else had made this query and obviously failed at my attempt.

I am so grateful for the information that people so freely share on this site.


I have car charger too. Good addition to the other backups.

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Don’t ask me to tell you how I found that. The whole internet is hit or miss.


I just have a cord by my recliner so the pump is chartered when I sit and watch some tv. I also have one in the car, so it chargers when I’m driving. So, it doesn’t really get a low charge. But as with all things dealing with diabetes, I have portal chargers. I got a Anker PowerCore 5000 portable charger from Amazon. I used it when I went to Paris a few years back for the women’s World Cup! I was everyone’s friend when we were in a bus without chargers! I can throw it in my purse when out and about. The problem for me is the darn cord for the pump is so long. Wish they had different lengths. I have had to charge while working and I have to stuff the cord down my pants. Not cool!
I also have a solar charger in my emergency kit. Can never be to safe, right?!

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You need at least one really good, data capable cord (like the one included with the pump) for uploading data and downloading software, but those are the only times you need it. For just charging, you can use any micro-usb cable. You can even get them at the dollar store.

Heck, I’ve got a whole drawer full of 6 inch ones that came with cheap electronics, which I consider useless.


Agreeing with @Robin_H and there are coiled stretchy cords available.


While I am generally a card-carrying member of the “Cheaper is Better” crowd, these portable USB chargers … which are lithium batteries in almost all cases … is one item that I always go with a quality, well-known manufacturer.

While others may have different suggestions, Anker is my favorite brand. I have one of their smaller 5500 mA-hr units that is about 3” L x 1.25” W x 3/4” H that will charge a t:slim several times and a phone more than once. Then, if I’m going to be off the grid for 2+ weeks, I have a 20,000 mA-hr device that is about 6” L x 2.5” W x 3/4” H.

In my view, higher quality battery packs are less likely to fail … and a lithium battery fire is a scary, dangerous event.

Stay safe!