Until there's a cure ... people with diabetes still need care

Welcome if you are reading this blog post. I just wanted to let you know I am the founder and executive director for a diabetes assistance nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) public charity. We take financial donations (of course) but we also accept unexpired diabetes supplies and used insulin pumps. You get a tax receipt and the supplies you send will be given away for free to people in need. We give away meters, lancets, test strips, pumps, and cash assistance to help buy insulin. No other organization does all that we do!

Last year less than 5% of our expenses went to business and program costs -- which means more than 95% of all our expenses went directly to others in need.

If you know someone who needs help tell them about us. Diabetes treatment is not optional and we help many people who would otherwise not have insulin and testing supplies. And, if you have extra supplies please do not let them go to waste and just expire. Send them to iPump (did I mention it is tax deductible?) or tell your employer about us if you have a gift matching program. Find out more at www.ipump.org or email lahle@ipump.org.

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I have some humalog 75/25 and humalin r if you could use it. My doctor switched me off of it.

Cody, thank you so much! Unfortunately, we cannot take insulin or medications, but if you like, I can locate a clinic in your area that could take your insulin. Write to me privately at lahle@ipump.org or call our office 909-931-9049 (California) so I can find out where you are located.

Did you ever get your insulin pump yet? Again, thank you so much for offering insulin!

There is a free clinic where I live I can take it to. But just thought I would offer it here first. Medtronic is working on fighting with Medicare to get me a pump.