My idea!

Heyy everyone!

I’m new to this Tudiabetes but so far its amazing! its like a whole new family:P
but every since i was 12 this boy came to my school and he was having this run like terry fox did and it was for cancer too.
but ever since that boy came to my school ive wanted to do one for diabetes to show people who dont think its serious that it truely is!
I want to raise money for diabetes research. And to one day find that cure!
I am writing this Discussion to find out who would support me or who thinks i should or shouldnt do this!

Thank you,
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I think any thing you can do to raise money is a great idea. I suggest you talk to the American Diabetes Association to see if they can suggest some logistics for you.

Hi Jordan,

Welcome to Tu D! Glad you’re part of the family.

Definitely do this. Raise money, raise awareness! See if you can get some local business to sponsor the event. A printing company may donate flyers, a T-shirt company may donate shirts, etc. They might help for the publicity. If you’ve got a diabetes center (sometimes they’re in hospitals), they might want to get involved.

Great idea. Do it!

Go for it.

I’ve raised money for the last 3 years. First two were events organized to raise money for Dr. Faustman’s research.

Last year I took part in a regular triathlon and put up a fundraising page. This year I’m hoping to complete at least two triathlons and do the same thing for Dr. Faustman’s work.

Check to see if JDRF is organizing a run or bike ride in your area. Have fun whatever you do and good luck.

Every cent might help, and it’s also a good way to inform people so I think it’s a great idea.

Do it. Besides the groups Bernard mentioned there are others that will help. I did a half marathon for Try them.

Good luck!