Cheaper Insulin Pen Needles than BD?

I use pen needles on a novalog pen and a Victoza pen.
I would not try to make either last for 50 injections .
The Victoza 15 doses is abount the range for me. But on the other hand with Novalog 4-5 times a day in a couple of day I can feel it pinching the skin (getting dull) and starts to bruise me. As for lancets I tend to let them go until they no longer produce blood. Which is just being lazy on my parts as I get them for free.

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Probably the daily shower is enough to prevent infection from a sub-q injection and I don’t alcohol swab but I wouldn’t try to inject through clothing. I do keep using the same needle until it gets dull or I bend it. This for the last 32 years. And soon with pump, one less thing to worry about. And lancets used to last me years. Now that I’m on Dexcom, my left ring-finger has lost its callous…

Have you looked into Diathrive? They sell Pen needles for $9 for 100 and shipping is free above $25. They are a great deal!