What insulin syringes will be better to buy and where? BD seems to be very expensive. Help!

Does anyone know a website that I can buy insulin syringes for a reasonable price? It just seems to be very expensive. help!

Wal-Mart ReliOn syringes are $12.58 for 100. That's about... a third the BD price?

I also use ReliOn syringes and really like them. I haven't found them to be any different than BD besides the price. They also make their own brand of pen needles which are quite a bit cheaper then BD and novofine.

I order Sure Comfort syringes $13.99 box from American Diabetes Wholesale www.americandiabeteswholesale.com. Shipping is free with orders of $100, no sales tax & they often have 10%-15% discounts. I order a lot when they're on sale. Great service. I use syringes with half unit markings & those aren't always to find. Cheaper for me to pay full price from them then insurance co-pay. I won't shop at Wal Mart.

Walmart is good for supplies ReliOn syringes, I also get Novolin N & R insulin for under $25.00 a bottle which is a 1/3 the cost of Drug stores. I get my test strips on Amazon.com you can find good deals with the different companies selling there. Most online stores you wont need a prescription for syringes.

Hey guys! thanks for all the comments. I wanted to share this insulin syringes that i recently bought. $ 9.99! There brand is MEDINT. They are exactly the same as BD. you can find them at www.usmedicalintl.com lt me know how you like them.

Good deal! Hope the shipping is reasonable. Wish they sold syringes with half unit markings.